R1 visa application for religious worker

Skip to content. Immigration lawyers in our Boston office specialize in R-1 visa for religious workers R-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa allowing foreign nationals to come to the United States temporarily for employment by a non-profit religious organization in the U. What are the Requirements for a R-1 Visa? A commonly held system of worship. A commonly held set of discipline and doctrine. An agreed upon set of ceremonies and services. An agreed upon location for services, worship, and congregations. Another comparable indication of a religious denomination similar to what has been mentioned above.

What is Considered a Religious Occupation?

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Common Problems with a R-1 Visa Petition You have the burden of proof to show that your education and position qualifies for a R-1 visa. P Visa. Contact Us.

Get the legal help you deserve by calling: Also, other fees might apply depending on the relationship of your country with the U. These fees are called visa issuance fees and may vary from country to country. After you have completed all your payments, you must keep the receipts as proof and attach them to your document file. All nonimmigrant visa applicants between 14 and 79 years old must attend a visa interview with an official at the U.

S Embassy. To complete this requirement, you must schedule the interview.

The R-1 Visa for Temporary Religious Workers

Since the U. S Embassy where you are applying from might have a high workload, it is best to schedule the interview as early as possible to avoid long wait times. When you complete your scheduling, you will get a visa interview confirmation letter, which you need to bring with you to your interview. Your documents file must contain necessary proof to establish your intent for going to the U. It must contain these documents:. Have the documents with you and be on time for your interview.

The official will ask you questions about your background, your plans, and your purpose for visiting the U. You must give as much detail as possible to convince them that you will have employment and compensation in the U. It takes some time to get the R-1 visa approved. After the employer sends in the petition, it takes around 6 months for USCIS to respond, due to the fact that they might have to visit the premises of the organization.

With premium processing, you will get a response on your visa in about 2 weeks.

How to Proceed

If you do not have premium processing, after USCIS approves the petition, it might take another 2 to 3 months for the visa to process. So in total, the R-1 visa processing time could be 8 to 9 months without premium processing. The initial period that your R-1 visa will be valid for is 30 months. During those 30 months you can stay and work in the U. S as a religious worker. Afterwards, you can apply for an extension and if approved, it will give you an additional 30 months in the U.

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USCIS will not give you any more extensions beyond 60 months. When you have stayed in the U.

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S for that maximum period of time, you can either return to your home country or seek permanent residence. You can get permanent residence if you have the R-1 visa.

R-1 Visa and Green Card Process for Religious Workers

This can be done by usual methods of marriage, family, or changing your status to a dual intent visa such as the H-1B visa. However, other methods include applying for the EB-4 Green Card, which allows religious workers to get permanent residence in the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

What is the R-1 visa?

Retrieved October 11, Department of State Citizenship and Immigration Services. United States nonimmigrant visas. A-1 A-2 A B-1 B C-1 C-2 C CW-1 CW D-1 D