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I was initially thinking of getting a Vox when they first came out. Then RIM dropped the price on the Playbook, and since I get the majority of my books from the library, I wasn't sure how much use I'd get out of a dedicated ereader. So, I decided a Playbook would be the solution since it's an actual "tablet" and that's what I asked "Santa" for. However, I discovered Playbook doesn't currently support DRM, which leaves elibrary books out of the question for me, thus the purchase of the Kobo Touch. So if one of the experts here has discovered a way to load library books on the Playbook, I'd love to know how?

Hi Bookworm The current buzz is that by February 17th there will be an operating system update which will permit the download of other readers and I'm sure I saw mention of Overdrive possibly being supported as well.

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There is currently a Kobo Reader in place, but it's very restrictive I don't think that you can sideload into it at all I purchased an app called Book Reader Personally, for every day reading, I'll stick to my Sony PRS because long term reading on an LCD device, even one with a brilliant screen like the Playbook, begins to really bother my eyes. That said, I do use the Playbook to read the Beatrix Potter books to my granddaughter and for cookbooks. HTH Mary. OS 2 is now due in about two weeks.

The Book Reader app which is available for. The Playbook is a powerful computing device and there is truely no other device to compare to it out there. I love my PB as it is now. In case you are adventurous, QT is available for playbook. By that i mean am lazy to start trying to fix bugs etc. People who have used Iliad would realize what i mean.

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Coolreader is a little more unstable so i dropped it. This maybe a mute point if OS2 comes out as Android provides a lot of reader apps.

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But knowing android, i am sure there will be issues with battery life and performance. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Mark Forums Read. Playbook as a e-reader? User Name. Remember Me? Tip Got Facebook?

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Join Date Oct Posts PlayBook as an eBook Reader I'm basically a book worm and have been for the better half of my life. I was actually given an iPad around the beginning of this year by my parents to allow me the opportunity to continue my love affair of eBooks as well as the ability to use the Internet, among other things. I had previously been the proud owner of Kindle which met all my basic needs: long battery life and allowed me to download.

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Ebook Reader is free, and optimized for Android devices. Some of these apps allows to simply transfer them to your device and read books anywhere. Build and manage your very own city and watch it come to life. With stunning 3D graphics, famous landmarks, bustling streets, and citizens that tell you what you need, this is the most realistic January 10, by Kenneth Mitchell. I would recommend it for anyone looking for an app that pairs reading and book purchases …. If you have a Playbook and are looking for the best e-reader apps, Good e-Reader did a post today giving the top 5 best ones on the market or available to download.

These are native apps and not android BAR files or other conversions. But thank you kozmonaut for ….