First smartphone iphone or android

The device had many of the modern elements we attribute to current smartphones and mobile devices. Highlights included:. You could say it was ahead of its time, and most consumers didn't jump on board. The Simon was advanced for it's time, but has nothing on the smartphones of today. It only had a small monochrome LCD screen and a one-hour battery life. The first BlackBerry mobile device was the BlackBerry It had most of what you think of when you hear "Blackberry":.

Then Came Blackberry

BlackBerry primarily targeted business professionals. They kept releasing more and more advanced devices, and became the market leader in smartphones until the iPhone gained steam. Apple had already begun transforming how people use portable technology with the iPod, and the stage was set for them to unveil their latest device in The iPhone was one of the most advanced consumer smartphones the market had ever seen.

It also made the iPhone a much more consumer-friendly device, particularly for daily use. Two primary operating systems have evolved within the smartphone market. Let us know in the comments! That is… keep your fanboyish politics to yourself. The general problem with smartphones is that everything about them is too small for seniors, the screen, the icons, the fonts and even the phone itself. When PopPop and NaNa are have to use 17 and 18 and larger sized fonts on their PC screens, how do you expect them to use size 5 and 6 fonts on their smartphones? Speaking as one of those old geezers….

With my Google Nexus 6 and a pair of 3X magnifying glasses, I get by well enough. I am really happy with it except for answering a call. Some ads or other interference Can cloud the screen and there is no way I have found to clear the screen and answer!! Therefore I have a lot of missed calls!! Any suggestions other than , get a new phone?? This article is missing the cost of the phones. It would be nice to be able to do a full comparison. I have Samsung 7 at 70 years. Basically no problem, except font could be larger.

The History of the Smartphone - Mobile Industry Review

So a larger phone would be better. Thanks for addressing senior issues and raising awareness. I work as an accessibility expert for government — making sure that applications are fully compliant with accessibility standards.

Which came first? Android or iOS?

I can use and view everything on both of them — but the iPhone is easier to use and its accessibility features that are useful to older individuals — i. VoiceOver — Magnifier, etc. Granted cost is a factor, but other features are equally important. All of your other tech items will talk to each other calendar, email, contact list, photos, et. The negative right now is that the older phones ie: 6S and older, are completely slowed by the newest updates. I currently have the 6Plus and the slow processor speed is driving me nuts.

That said — my 93 year old father welcomed the slow down. Good luck! I had the Jitterbug. Three days I had the Jitterbug. Waited hours on hold hoping to get it activated. Gave up and returned it. Lady at returns desk said she had purchased one for her father and he loved it until he tried to get service. Service does not exist.

Why might Huawei use Hongmeng OS on phones?

Currently on Moto-G6. Number three example of Moto-G. First two were defective.

Do you have any idea how much time and how much struggle it takes for a person with limited tech ability to determine the problem is not their aging brain but a defective black box? And then to convince a younger person who normally only converses with their thumbs to accept an exchange? Mature technology was Western Electric phones that lasted decade after decade with zero problems.

Agree with John Wilson. I know virtually nothing. And yes, we had several lovely Western Electric phones that lasted for years. All still working and left them on a move. What I despise now is that our landline cordless has been integrated on the internet connection. If my wi-fi goes haywire so does the landline. This is exactly why I showed up on this article!

What Was The First Smartphone?

My dad who is almost 91 had a stroke, but he has recovered very well. The problem? He can no longer drive. A phone and a way to use Uber and Lyft. I wish there was something to do that without being complicated or overly large. The Senior or their children can set up an account online, and then the Senior can call a real digit phone number on their FlipPhone. They can either press 1, 2, 3, etc to get a pickup at home or their last dropped off location.

Or can press a number to get a live person. They even pre-set with the drivers to help with carrying groceries and work with wheelchairs, etc. I am 77,…. Can anyone help me find a compatible Samsung Galaxy that is compatible with Qlink service? I can go on line to them and type in the MEID number to test compatibility. Verizon is currently my provider and I was thinking of buying a Jitterbug from Best Buy, taking it to Version and having it activated.

If so, what kind of phone should I get. My first smartphone was just so intimidating, the touchscreen, the options were all too much for me to handle all at once. Start cheap and upgrade as you learn. Good luck. A good quality phone that works and is only a phone is of value to couples as well. I have the android. He has the flip phone. When he wants extra he uses mine. Hard to find.

I am 87 years old, never used a smart phone, have only one hand due to stroke , and not very good at learning how to use new things. I can use the computer for e-mail etc. What do you suggest I buy in a smart phone? Hi Brian, find a phone that can be operated with voice-commands. Another important feature is fingerprint-based security. This allows you to hold the phone in one hand and login using your thumbprint. The iPhone has both these features, even if its an older iPhone. Good luck with it! What does anyone think about the Galaxy J7 for a senior who needs large icons? We both own and are very happy with the excellent and Motorola Moto E5 Play.

We are also happy with Consumer Cellular service. Rabia — 71 and female To: Brian and William. They all talk too much and text so much more than I do. I do have arthritis in both wrists and often use the speaker rather than hold the phone, that works for me. Granted I would love to own the best iPhone, or even the new Samsung that folds up and opens — seen today all over the Internet and on TV.

They are just too expensive and their loss from forgetfulness would be costly!

The Best Phones for 12222

These are all helpful to a senior, I think. This one, anyway. I have a question. Is there any cell phone or hybrid that allows 2 of my friends both 87 to make calls and not worry about dropping the call due to moving the phone over their faces and in their hands? The Mrs of the duo has hung up on me many times and we both end up having to call back. Suggestions appreciated. All Samsung smartphones have the Easy Mode function which allows the user to set up the desktop with only the apps they intend to use, but all other functions can be displayed if desired, as they are just hidden.

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Easy Mode makes the device very easy to use. Vivian M. What tel. Which ones have the best service? I use Jitterburg Smart 2 which is a really good phone.