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Making video calls is easy as ABCD. Just click on the video camera icon and select the contact that you want to call. Unlike other types of audio and video calling apps which only require an email to set up an account, with Viber, you need to have an active mobile number to set up a Viber account for your Viber phone. We can attribute this to the fact that Viber still operates on a mobile platform. When your need to backup and restore your Viber messages, photos, videos and call history, you can find a tool to easily meet your need.

Nimbuzz Updates To 2.0, Adds New Features

Previously known as Google Talk, Google Hangouts is one of the best free audio and video calling app coming hot on heels after Skype. For you to use this app, you need to have an active Gmail account from Google. You can download this app from the iOS market for free.

Nimbuzz 2.1 for iPhone/iPod - Wallpapers and Picture Preview

Apart from making video calls, you can live stream live events, send messages as well as attach files for sharing purposes. The great thing about this app is the fact that you can simultaneously talk to 10 people at the same time hence making it the ideal app for video conferencing.

WhatsApp is no doubt the most used and highly rated messaging app in the world. With a customer base of over 1 billion users, this app is definitely a must-have for each and every person who loves to make free calls and send unlimited messages with no limitations at all.

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Acquired by Facebook back in , WhatsApp has grown tremendously making it the most trusted and highly trusted free calling app. Skype is no doubt the world leading audio and video calling app. Its diversity has enabled it to be used on different operating system platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS.

Apart from making video calls, you can send messages and attach different files for sharing purposes. Skype is worldwide which means that you can make calls to, and from various parts of the world provided you have a good internet connection. Though you can make video calls for free, at times you need to purchase Skype credits to make international calls which can be a bit problematic to some users.

Since its acquisition by Microsoft in , logging in and syncing the app with different email addresses has been made easier. With our well detailed top 10 free phone calls apps, I believe you are now in a position to avoid hefty mobile charges imposed by different network providers when it comes to making calls. Be smart; go for an app and make unlimited calls as you please. Backup data on your iOS devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device.

Backup data on your Android devices easily and restore backup files selectively to any device. Cons -Cross-border with Skype is no longer available. Pros -You can use the real-time location feature to tell your friends where you are. Cons -Only compatible with iOS 7 and later. Available on: Windows Mac. Start Download. Cons -No end to end encryption.

Pros -Free to use. Cons -You can only call friends operating on iOS enabled phones. Cons -Frequent bugs have made it impossible to use this app. Pros -You can connect with a wide variety of users from different locations whether locally or internationally. Cons You must be over the age of 17 to get this app. Pros -You can make video calls to any user regardless of whether they're on the iPhone, Android, or Windows-enabled devices.

Cons -Not compatible with an iOS version of below 8. Pros -Free for download and use. Cons -Only compatible with iOS 7 and above. Pros -You can make audio calls for free regardless of your geographical location. Cons -You can't make video calls though it's believed that the video call option is in the making.

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By the way, is it just me or did YouTube add a search bar to the top of every video embedded on an external site? Nice touch. Update: Apparently, it is not just me! Apple recently passed the 10, apps downloaded from the App Store, which led them to the decision that releasing the stats about the most downloaded apps is a good idea. You can read the full breakdown here. I was not really surprised by any of the apps on the list, I already had most of them, which leads me to the topic I want to write about, my apps.

I am not going to write about the useless and ridiculous apps that are on my iPod like Bubble Snap or istethescope , not to in any way detract from the huge amount of entertainment they provide, but I will focus more on the great utilities and games that I think you will enjoy. Scramboni : I just found this game last night and I have to say this game is almost as addictive as Labyrinth.

It is definitely more sophisticated.

Websites & services that will help you eliminate international call & SMS costs

It basically presents you with scrambled words that you need to unscramble in 30 seconds. Your contenders are people from all around the globe so you need Web access Wifi, Edge, or 3G to play. Based on the level you choose, you are presented with words of different levels of difficulty and receive points accordingly. Great game. AppVee : A very useful app that gives you information on new and popular apps in the app store. Its added value is that it provides a video presentation of each app. I am actually surprised Apple did not implement this in the App Store.

Google Mobile App : I am very disappointed in this app. It generated lots of hype and it just does not do it for me. It might have if the voice search feature was implemented in the iPod Touch, but Google disabled it for some odd reason. Other than that, I would appreciate it if anyone would tell me why one would use this app as opposed to using the built in Google search bar in Safari.

I mean it is a very cool concept to display news items as a 3D wall of thumbnails. I have yet to find a use for this app, I guess if you are a news enthusiast, you can just scroll through the wall and read news items. OK, I guess it is pretty cool. There is also a search function that allows you to search various sites and the app displays the results as thumbnails on the wall.

Joost : Joost was one of those companies that when it came out, people thought was going to be the next huge thing. Then came Hulu , which outdid Joost in every category and really did become the next big thing. Until now, that is. There are 46, videos on Joost now and the inventory is only getting bigger. The app is a great idea, no question about that, the only problem is, there are still a few quirks that need to be worked out. Remote : A very cool app made by this small company called Apple inc. Yea, that is pretty much it, but I have to admit, it does it really well, and really impressed me.

I am going to conclude this post with one app that really blew my mind, and I would very much appreciate if someone explained to me how this app works. After you choose the desired song, you can hear a preview of the song, and then quickly download it from iTunes. No big deal, right?

You can also say the name of the song and the same thing happens, but here is the cool part. Hum a part of the song into your mic and it will detect the melody and give you the results. Gets even cooler, simply put your mic near a radio or any audio output of the desired song and it will tell you the song details. Every search, whether typed, hummed, spoken, or grabbed gives you all the information about the song and allows you to quickly download it to iTunes.

The app works flawlessly and is one of the most innovative apps I have used so far. Check out the video below, it is amazing. As more details emerge about this cellular giant, I found myself wanting to keep adding to the last post, so instead I figured I would just post again about the N The N97 will be the first high-end device powered by the latest touchscreen Symbian S60 OS and will include goodies missing from other high end devices, such as a 3.

Nimbuzz intros Mac desktop client, updates mobile touch apps | Network World

Usually, when a new phone is announced, my first instinct is to try and determine what it is missing. WiFI, 3G, good camera? The N97, as far as I can tell, is not missing anything. Who said there is no such thing as a perfect phone? I think it is safe to say that until someone invents some sort of new technology for cellphones, the N97 will remain on top. Gizmodo just posted an article stating that Nokia has unveiled the Nokia N What is interesting about this piece of information is that it is nowhere else besides Gizmodo unless you count all the ridiculous results of a Google Search, which produces tens of fake pictures and descriptions of a future N97 that is not nearly as nice or impressive as the actual device.

GSMArena has no such device and no other sites are reporting this scoop. Not sure what to make of that, but an N97 was an expected device that seems to have exceeded all expectations. The display is a 3.

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The phone has the standard WiFi, 3. Not much else is known about the phone besides a strong battery life of up to 1. Something bigger than an N97? Not sure why people kept talking about it all happening on Wednesday, seems like a mix-up in timing might have to do with different regions and time zones , but in any case, I think this announcement will satisfy anybody and everybody.