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Helpline: Contact Skream Ltd. Duel Monsters is heavily centered around the card game, with plot details revealed between game turns. However, there are several differences between the rules as presented in the series and the rules of the real-world Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. The real-world rules essentially correspond to the "new rules for experts" set out by Kaiba at the start of the Battle City story arc.

Prior to this point in the anime, a simplified version of the rules, reflecting that of the manga, is utilized, where monsters are summoned without tributes, a player's life points can't be attacked directly, only one monster could attack per turn, and certain types of monsters are stronger or weaker against other monsters of a logical type.

These earlier rules are depicted with considerable artistic liberty.

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For example, monsters can be "partially destroyed", or played as magic cards. At times, duels feature unusual events which can only occur because the field and monsters are represented by holograms, allowing for exciting or dynamic visuals that accompany events which could never be realistically employed in the real-life card game.

A prime example of this is Yugi's two-part duel against Panik in the Duelist Kingdom arc, in which, among other things, the light from the manifestation of the Swords of Revealing Light dispels the darkness obscuring Panik's monsters, and the flotation ring that is part of the Castle of Dark Illusions is destroyed, causing it to fall on and destroy Panik's monsters. Throughout the series, other inconsistencies appear, some more drastic than others. Some cards are classified differently in Duel Monsters than the real-world game; for example, Flame Swordsman is a normal monster in the series, but is a fusion monster in the real-world game, and Spellbinding Circle was notably entirely redone as a "trap with spell card properties", complete with a different function.

Duelists are shown normal-summoning their monster cards in face-up defense position, while this is only possible in the real-world card game when permitted by the effects of certain spell or trap cards.

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Additionally, duelists often place their cards face-down in the graveyard, as opposed to face-up. In the Battle City story arc, the "advanced rules" also prevent Fusion monsters from immediately attacking when summoned, while there is no such provision in the real game. To avoid this rule in the anime, the spell card Quick-Attack was created. From the Waking the Dragons story arc onwards, no such provision exists, and the only difference from the real-world game rules is the starting amount of life points, which is reduced for brevity.

Sometimes during a single duel a rule will seemingly be changed or ignored, usually for plot, dramatic, or in a few cases comedic effect. The same rules are continued into and updated for the follow-up series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal , and Yu-Gi-Oh! Several cards were created exclusively for the anime, including unique cards that are tied to story elements, such as the fairy tale themed cards and the Golden Castle of Stromberg of the Grand Championship arc, and others created specifically for a single duel.

Also, certain cards like Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon are not nearly as rare in reality as they are in the anime. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Magna Pacific — Roadshow Entertainment s—present. Manga Entertainment. Network Ten — 9Go! Main article: List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters episodes season 1. Duel Monsters episodes season 2. Duel Monsters episodes season 3.

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Duel Monsters episodes season 4. Duel Monsters episodes season 5. See also: List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Volume 1". Anime UK News.

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Characters Episodes Seasons 1 2 3 Manga Chapters. Characters Episodes Seasons 1 2 3. Kids' WB. Duel Monsters — Channel Umptee-3 —98 Generation O!

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