Nokia n8 photo browser 2 signed

This is a long-overdue update -- we've become utterly addicted to this intuitive way of interacting with Web pages and images. In the browser, not only does this get rid of the zooming slider that blocks the screen in the old browser, it also gives more potential for app developers to take advantage of gestures in their creations. But the zooming isn't as smooth as on the iPhone, which is the undisputed champion of multitouch.

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  • Overall: hardware great, software terrible.

It's not just for video -- you can show off your photos, play phone games on the big screen, and play music through your home-cinema speakers. People were hardly clamouring for this feature, but if you like to share your stuff, it's a nice perk -- as long as you don't expect crystal-clear hi-def pictures.

Stay tuned for our in-depth review of HD video on the big screen running on the N8. Nokia has always been ahead of the pack with multitasking, so you can listen to Internet radio while browsing the Web, for example. But phones like the X6 have struggled with memory-management problems, leading to error messages and forcing users to shut down apps themselves.

Tickboxes? No

Symbian 3 says it can run more apps at once, and the new task manager shows great big thumbnails that make it easier to switch and close applications. In our tests, we haven't seen any memory-management problems with the N8 so far, except in beta versions of apps. Although Nokias tend to have great connectivity features, it's been an epic pain in the eyeball to get them all working, whether you're connecting to Wi-Fi or 3G.

On the N8, Symbian 3 has gotten rid of some -- but not all -- of the flurry of dialogue boxes and cryptic messages that flash up on the X6 whenever you go online. We still found connecting to Wi-Fi wasn't as intuitive as on some other phones, but it was an improvement.

Nokia N8 review: like hardware? You'll love this. Like software? Ah...

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People who use emojis have more sex People who use emojis have more sex by Mark Serrels. It feels slightly on the chunky side, measuring 0. The N8 will come in five colors: dark gray, silver white, green, blue and orange.

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The face of the phone is minimalist with the 3. This hardware button lets you switch between the homescreen and menu screen and when held down, shows you all of your open applications. The back of the phone houses the rather large Carl Zeiss megapixel camera and Xenon flash.

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That megapixel snapper-the largest sensor on any phone according to Nokia-takes incredible photos, too. I took a few photos during my demo and was impressed how bright and natural colors looked and how sharp details appeared. Additionally, there's a front-facing camera which ideally will work for video calling. Yes, the N8 has HDMI out so you can play high definition videos from your phone to your home theater.

Photo Browser 2 V(4) Signed (Nokia ANNA - BELLE) Symbian

Overall, the video-watching experience is brilliant on the N8. The phone not only supports HD quality video, but Dolby Digital surround sound as well. This is a boon for movie junkies and I hope that Nokia makes purchasing movies a simple process-and available to American audiences. I'm just going to come right out and say it: I really dislike Symbian's typography. The boxy, small text just looks so late s to me and simply isn't easy on the eyes.

The software also felt a bit slow, but according to Nokia, these particular demo review units were loaded with preproduction software.

Nokia N8 prototype photo browser with multi touch

That's a relief, seeing as both the browser and social networking client crashed on me during my hands-on time.