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It's also an excellent example of just how far the Windows Phone platform has come since its debut a year and a half ago. Good Windows Phone apps used to be in extremely short supply, but I was pleasantly surprised to see many of the same apps that I use regularly on iOS in the Windows Phone Marketplace. It's there. Got it. There's even Foodspotting, yo. So the Marketplace -- recently clocked at 65, apps to the iPhone's , -- certainly has some catching up to do. But if you're not already locked into another platform, it's reassuring to know Windows Phone has the essentials covered.

Indeed, the increasing sizes on today's smartphones are perfect for Windows Phone's Metro interface. Its design favors big fonts and splash layouts that stretch to the screen's edges and beyond. Windows Phone works best when it's got lots of real estate to work with. For example, Foursquare makes the multiple menus in the app feel like one giant poster. My friends, activity and checkins are all partitioned into pretty columns. The iOS and Android versions look claustrophobic by comparison see below. The seamless Metro-inspired design isn't automatic, however, and your mileage will vary from app to app.

Most apps from indie developers are pretty blah. The design occasionally trips itself up. Metro presents its iconography as if it were as familiar as street signs, showing symbols with no labels. It's pretty easy to pick the wrong function, especially if it's your first time launching the app. When navigating, you should proceed with caution, especially in social apps.

Shares and check-ins can happen before you know what you're doing. Pretty design is one thing, but usability is another. Windows Phone begs to be touched, swiped and pinched, even more than iOS or Android. The big layouts practically beg you to see what's on the next screen.

It's only a single-core design Microsoft doesn't yet allow multi-core chips on Windows Phones , but it was more than enough to keep up as I pushed and pulled menus with my fingers. The whole interface feels alive as you touch it.

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Besides the great UI, Nokia offers up some special apps to Lumia owners. Comprehensive Program to Screenshot Nokia Lumia. Nokia Lumia Holder. Along those same lines, this desktop stand is designed to fit the Lumia minus the charging port — shared by NemoNiente.

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Let's see how easy is to take a screenshot on your Lumia Microsoft Lumia previously the Nokia Lumia Series is a discontinued line of mobile devices that was originally designed and marketed by Nokia and later by Microsoft Mobile. Unless your Lumia has the full version of Windows cursory research on my end says it doesn't you won't be able to make those devices work together.

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Nokia is trying to recreate the same popularity with its Lumia Need to print out SMS text on the Nokia lumia and was wondering if there was a print screen function like on the iPhone. If you have any issues regarding the Microsoft Lumia XL screen replacement, please leave your comment below. All you need is a Nokia Lumia case that comes in a range of colour options. Ask for FREE. In these new phones, you have the Now you can replace the Lumia XL screen with frame then put back all other components back on. The back cover is compatible with Nokia Lumia Nokia Lumia Windows Mobile smartphone gallery - high-resolution pictures, official photos Print your own Nokia Lumia case as Nokia releases 3D printer templates.

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This tutorial provides you a complete guide on taking a screenshot on Nokia Lumia dual, How to print SMS text messages from sms. Nokia surprised the 3D printing community last week by unveiling mechanical drawings to allow Lumia owners to print their own case. The company pushed out an impressive Wiki full of details, Free your images from your Lumia by printing them or making cards, posters, calendars and more out of them with these free Windows Phone apps. How to Reset a Nokia Lumia How to export your contacts on your Microsoft Lumia We will see in this tutorial how export your contacts on your Microsoft Lumia Just like other devices that run on Windows Phone OS, Nokia Lumia also has an integrated print screen function that can be triggered by pressing two keys together.

We ship to almost all cities and postal codes in India via our courier partners like Bluedart, Speed Post, Fedex logistics and more. Custom Nokia Lumia Case.

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Learn how to take Screenshot Nokia Lumia Although 3D printed phone cases are nothing new, this is the first time that a phone manufacturer has released the schematics for a cover so that it can be customized and printed by the public. Welcome to the official Nokia Phones website.

Nokia has released a 3D-printing kit that will allow those with a 3D printer to create their own case for the Lumia This thread is locked. Announced Feb Just click on Add Image or Add Text to start designing your own unique case. I personally like the Nokia Lumia and that is my vote and petition.

Community Experts online right now. Nokia Lumia is the mid range Windows 8 phone and like other WP8 devices, it can take a screenshot of the phone. Looking for a way to capture your screen? Nokia Lumia is the cheapest Windows 8 phone and it allows the users to take a screenshot of the phone. It's very similar to how you use print screen keys on your windows desktop.

This issue can also be related to Before we dive into how the iris scanner works with Windows Hello, let's make a count of how many cameras you'll find in the Lumia and Lumia XL. Hold down the keys volume up and the power button. Nokia Lumia Issue 1 EN. I have my Nokia Lumia and from the beginning there is like a black dot on the screen.

Taking a screenshot on Nokia Lumia smartphones is easy. Make this fancy calling instrument come alive with a cool design Nokia Lumia messages to your new Nokia Lumia is your Microsoft account. Action Center serves up social updates, chats and more from the home screen. Showcase your print design using our photo-realistic, Many users have been complaining about the random freezing problem on Nokia Lumia At the same time, you could also add more to this smartphone by adding colour on the exterior.

Alex Washburn. Psst This guide isn't all there is There's a user guide in your phone — it's always with you, available when needed. Print screen for Lumia The actions to print with the Nokia Lumia Old meets new: Microsoft Lumia and XL vs Nokia Lumia and Lumia specs comparison The best and worst Nokia smartphones we've ever reviewed Check out how fast the rear camera launches on a Nokia Lumia following the Lumia Denim update www.

There's no doubt about it: photographs taken with Nokia's new Lumia device are enormously impressive if you print them out onto a large-format high-quality print measuring, say, 1. Ask Your Question Fast! News: mobile phone maker Nokia has released open-source files that will let Lumia smartphone users 3D print their own customised case.

Most likely, a specific app is the culprit, and there are some steps that you can take to solve the random freezing problem on Nokia Lumia Then, with the fine-tip curved PrintHand. Remove and replace the battery 3. Innovations Brought by Windows Phone 8. The company had earlier launched its high-end and mid-range Windows Phone 8 offerings in the form of Lumia and Lumia Nokia Lumia Desktop Phone Stand.

Buy the best quality printed, customized and personalized products, accessories and gifts Online at yourPrint. Depending on your area, it also supports LTE. Post to Twitter.

Default Nokia Lumia Screenshot. They usually released a mid-range which I would think this was marketed as , low end and high-end phone but never two high-end phones at the same time. Nokia Lumia Windows Mobile smartphone. Microsoft redefines the laptop with Surface Book, ushers in new era of Windows 10 devices. First i thought it is above the screen so i could wipe Itbut it is not! In is actually under the screen and it really bothers me when i am on white background, on internet or playing games.

You are free to copy and redistribute this article Back in the s, Nokia's was a popular phone with colorful interchangeable covers that thousands of case makers created. Features 4.

No matter what printer you have, what connection it supports and where it is located, you'll be able to print today. It's an awesome shell that fits great!