Facebook messenger iphone notifications not working

Android has a built-in notification setting for apps.

How to fix iPhone XS Facebook app not showing push notifications

You can turn notifications on and off for individual apps directly from the phone settings. This could happen due to some bug in the system caused by an app or for some other unknown reason. And whenever this happens, the push alerts stop showing up. Step 3: On the next screen, make sure notifications are turned on. If notifications are off, tap the toggle to turn them on.

Facebook Notifications Not Working Anymore - Resolved

Same is the case with the Facebook app. You can modify, enable, or disable notification settings from within the Facebook app. If push notifications are disabled in the Facebook app, then that could be the reason for your trouble. Hence, we need to check the Facebook notification settings.

To do so, open the Facebook app on your Android phone and tap the three-bar icon in the top-right corner. Scroll down and select Notifications Settings. Here you will find various types of activities about which Facebook can send you notifications. Tap Activity About You.

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On the next screen, check whether the toggle next to Push is on. In case, it is turned off, enable it. Another built-in Android setting that could be responsible for the notification issue is the data restriction. To check if background data sync is active for the Facebook app, go to Apps under the phone Settings.

7 quick fixes for push notifications

Tap Facebook followed by Data usage. Look for the Background data option. It should be enabled. Give it a shot, you might get lucky. Here's how to go about it.

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To reset app cache for the Facebook app, go to Apps under phone Settings. Look for Facebook. On a busy day, that number can exceed However, the reality is likely even worse than that.

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Yet both buzz my phone just the same. In other words, while my phone says I get 30 to 50 notifications per day, the real count is likely much higher.

Facebook sometimes chooses which notifications deserve your immediate attention, leaving others for the next time you open the app. However, if you keep the site open in a tab on your computer, or if you check the app often, these notifications can add to the noise. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prune the notification spam, each progressively more drastic.

Desktop users must hover over a notification with their mouse to make this button appear. This method requires a bit more active management. More important, it requires the fewest changes in your habits.

6 Effective Fixes for Facebook Notifications Not Working on Android

You can turn off notifications for specific things like comments, tags and birthdays. You can also customize where you get each category of notification.

Facebook can send emails, text messages or push notifications to your phone. The mobile site has none of these problems. Just uninstall the Facebook app and visit Facebook. Beyond preventing push notifications which you can also turn off entirely , the mobile site has a number of advantages.