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I kind of was naive about it, I took it for granted. After the shooting, that changed, and it flipped completely to where I was hyper-vigilant about my safety. I was obsessive about it. I have a good awareness. Hamp : One difference was my eating habits. I had just turned 21 when the shooting happened. I hadn't developed a toolkit for what to do when life hits you with a challenge. This was the first big challenge in my life. I didn't want people to know that I was struggling with those feelings and with that issue of safety, so I turned to food and exercise to cope.

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You go to it with good intentions. I started exercising because I knew that was good for my body. But too much obsession over a good thing ends up being unhealthy. When one of the counselors I went to the summer after the shooting asked me if my eating habits had changed, I would lie and say no.

My eating habits were changed, but I didn't understand the relationship at that time between my eating habits and the shooting. It was a slow development of an eating disorder. There were lots of seeds already planted, and Virginia Tech just started to grow them.

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Hamp: I got help two years ago. It was actually infertility struggles that made me decide to be honest with myself about my eating habits. I threw myself into counseling. Hamp: I did go the week after the shooting.

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I also went again later that summer before I returned into the classroom. And I went for a handful of sessions back home.

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I thought—because you think of them as doctors—that it was similar to when you go to the dentist and need to get a cavity filled. But with a counselor you have to feel comfortable telling them your most vulnerable feelings, so you really have to trust them. You have to mentally show up and give of yourself. I did not understand that at 21 when I tried it. Fattal: Was when you returned to counseling around the same time you started sharing your story publicly?

Hamp: Somewhere in there. As I went to counseling I regained my actual, internal confidence. One of the people who alerted family was Kim O'Rourke, the chief of staff to the university's president, Charles Steger. O'Rourke mentioned the shooting while calling her son to wake him up for class, said an official with TriData, a division of the System Planning Corporation, which coordinated the original investigation.

The other person who alerted her family was then-Assistant Vice President of Administration Lisa Wilkes, who was visiting her mother when she was called by campus officials and told to get to work because there had been a shooting. Before leaving, she told her mother of the situation, the official said. But W.

My Life Since the 2007 Virginia Tech Shooting: Lisa Hamp's Story

View all New York Times newsletters. Massengill said. In pending lawsuits, the families of two slain students fault the campus police and university officials for delaying a campuswide warning that a gunman was on the loose. The report, which was released by Gov.

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Governor Kaine, a Democrat, had resisted calls from the families to reopen the investigation, but he agreed to have the report revised to include corrections requested by families of the victims. TriData prepared the original report for the state and the recent revisions, which were provided to family members Thursday night. TriData officials echoed this conclusion.

The revised report said that the university had two conflicting emergency-alert policies and that it took 17 minutes for the chief of campus police to get in touch with the executive vice president after he learned of the shooting. The report also added to the picture of Mr. Cho was interviewed several times by Virginia Tech health officials more than a year before his attack, but in each instance, he denied homicidal thoughts and was not admitted for treatment, the report says.

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Health officials on campus spoke to Mr. Cho three times in , twice by phone and once in person, after concerns were raised about his behavior. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles.

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