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Oh, yes. Yes, please. Click here to find out how you can get your free storage. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Secondary menu. How to unlock an iPhone 6, 6s, 5 and 7: Here's how to make a locked iPhone accept any sim. Victoria Woollaston. Sasha Muller. How to tell if your iPhone is locked See related. Apple iPhone 6s review: A solid phone, even years after its release. The Xs Max is pixels, while the Xs is pixels. The iPhone Xs features and specifications are slightly different to the XR. The iPhone XR features a single camera lens on the back, compared to the two lenses found on the Xs.

The XR 6. The battery life for the iPhone XR is better when compared with the other iPhone devices. The display stretches ever-so-slightly closer to the borders, while the edges are made out of stainless steel as opposed to the aluminium used for the iPhone XR. Just place the iPhone Xs on a Qi-compatible pad or dock for 7. You can also hook it up through its wired lightning connector for fast-charging. You can find Apple iPhone accessories in our online shop or your local O2 store. For a step by step guide on how to set up your new iPhone Xs, you can visit our online help and support pages for the iPhone Xs.

Here you can find more details on setting up your wifi, Bluetooth, SMS and email. Once you order your iPhone Xs with us, we connect you with the people you love. Discover experiences that make you feel more alive and enjoy everything the world has to offer through the power of technology. You get to customise your plan, and reduce your monthly bill with O2 custom plans, where you can spread the cost up to 36 months.

O2 won the uSwitch Best Network Coverage Award , which means we have more ways to connect you than ever before. We design, plan and build our network around our customers, and pride ourselves on our customer centricity.

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We installed a 5G testbed at The O2 in , which lets our customers experience the future of connectivity. It also has a higher screen resolution perfect for movie-watchers and game-players. The Xs Max is pixels, while the XS is pixels.

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The iPhone Xs Max has an IP68 rating, which means it can be submerged for up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 2 metres, which is double the depth that the iPhone X can endure. Just place the iPhone Xs Max on a Qi-compatible pad or dock for 7. For a step by step guide on how to set up your new iPhone XS Max, you can visit our online help and support pages for the iPhone Xs Max. Once you order your iPhone XS Max with us, we connect you with the people you love.

Just place the iPhone XR on a Qi-compatible pad or dock for 7.

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For a step by step guide on how to set up your new iPhone XR, you can visit our online help and support pages for the iPhone XR. Once you order your iPhone XR with us, we connect you with the people you love. You get to customise your plan, and reduce your monthly bill with O2 Custom Plans, where you can spread the cost up to 36 months. Want to reduce your monthly bill? Spread the cost up to 36 months. Cookies on O2 We use cookies to help you get the best experience from our site and show you more relevant products.

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Internet Productivity. The smartphone age has brought with it advancements in mobile security, particularly from manufacturers like Apple who are keen on maintaining a tight grip on the ecosystem. The difficulty in getting your iPhone unlocked differs massively depending on where you live, and who your carrier is. Conversely some carriers will sell you a locked phone like Vodafone Australia , but you can unlock it yourself when you get home without even having to contact them.

At this stage you might want to do a little research. It really depends on the laws and policies set by carriers in your region. In this case you do have another option — services that charge a premium. MakeUseOf has no affiliation with an of these companies, nor do we necessarily recommend you use them — but they do exist, and many claim they work just fine.

You may be prompted to complete a setup, or your device may still appear locked. In this case:. There are so many factors that can affect whether the device can be jailbroken in the first place, let alone being unlocked thereafter. At present the only unlock that works with iOS 7 up to 7. According to unloc. When it's time to buy an iPhone, does your carrier or Apple provide a better deal? Let's compare them and find out.

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Hi I got a used iPhone 6 Plus. It is always the best to buy it directly from Apple - an international version of the iPhone or an unlocked used version if you want the freedom of using it on different networks. I recommend this iphone unlock service to the other iphone users. Please visit today! If anyone is having a problem with their code or is looking for a place to get a code to unlock their phone, I would suggest giving unlockyoursim.

It should not as far as I know I am a Canadian, who is planning to move to Australia on a work travel visa as of November. My iPhone 4s is finally on it's way out, and I know I need to get an unlocked phone to use in Australia once I move there. Any suggestions of where I can purchase and unlocked iPhone6 outright without a contract, that will be unlocked and usable in Australia once I move there?

I have an iPhone under contract and this contract is the 5th. Purely I was refused for the simple fact that the phone is under contract and when this will finish, then I can ask for unlocking code. Doesn't matter that I am an old customer This is a disgrace! This sounds bogus to me I'm not an expert on Irish law or anything, but I'd recommend you look into it. The phone has nothing to do with your contract as an entity Also you've been on contract for 5 years?

How many new phones have you had in that time? How old is the phone itself? I bought a phone from a friend and he got it from another guy I don't know , well he said it was unlocked for any company but when I got the SIM card from T-mobile and put it in , it said it won't accept it because its from a different carrier. Does that mean its still locked?

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What can I do? Hi I would like to ask an advice on how to unlock my iPhone from the carrier in the phillipines. Any advise please? Lea when I was in Thailand I have used company mobileunlocked Google them they can unlock phones remotely does not matter where you are, very easy. Hi, I have just purchased a Samsung Galaxy A5 off ebay unlocked ,haven't paid for it yet,it says O2 on start up,does this mean it is still locked?

If it is unlocked,how can i get the O2 off when it starts up?

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If I get an unlock code, where do I type it in at? People say theres no where to type it in, but does that mean I bought the unlock code for no reason??? I am buying a phone from a friend and she has just filled out Vodafone unlock form. They will send code in 48 hours. Her new phone arrives tomorrow so she will be putting in new sim and transferring number and the sim in her current phone that I am buying will become dead.

Does this affect the unlocking process?? Does the phone need to stay active with her sim until code comes through?? Check out Vodafone's official instructions, as these can differ. Generally you'll need to connect the phone to iTunes after the carrier has sent the unlock request, and iTunes will do its thing and tell you the phone is now unlocked. Again, you'll need to check what Vodafone says though.

As an example, Vodafone in Australia sell locked phones but when you go home and connect them to iTunes they unlock without the need to make a request. He said to me to wait until he will call me to said that is unlocked but i try every day to see that its work. My question is how i know when my iphone 55 is unlock? I need to use my iphone urgent that is why i need to know. So, if i were to buy one and have it sent here where I live, outside of the US, i would not be able to have my courrier unlock it, right? Meaning that in order to have it unlocked i'd have to talk to the company i chose to buy the phone from first, get the code after paying a fee, unlock my iphone using that code and THEN take it to my courrier to get my Sim card, right?

But does that mean I have to be in the US to get my code or can i have my phone sent first and request the code over the internet, and that is considering I do not have an accout open with ANY of the courriers? There are so many answers out there but since i have all these specific questions i thought it best i asked you. Thank you in advance.