Windows 8 mail app links not working

It may be that since Mail is built-in, Windows forces the end-user to have the built-in firewall on in order to access the Internet. I thought at first maybe it was only enforced for "built-in" applications, since Outlook worked fine having Windows Firewall off.

But then why wouldn't they enforce that through Edge as well, an application which I would imagine is used far more often to access the Internet than Mail is. Just makes no sense. If at some point I decide to use Mail rather than the Outlook application in the Office suite, I'll have to determine whether Emsisoft, which as stated has a firewall component, and the W10 Firewall can coexist while both are active.

Windows 10’s Mail App Won’t Force You to Use Edge After All

I know the typical advice is to not run both the built-in firewall and a 3rd party firewall at the same time, but it may be my only solution IF I ever start using Mail as an everyday tool which, by the way, it would have to become much more robust than it is now. I'll also be trying this theory out on my daughter's laptop when she gets home, just to see if this is isolated to my configuration or not.

Anyway, I'm marking this post as solved in hopes it may help someone that experiences the same symptoms in the future. Thanks for reading. First of all Good find. I'm sure it will prove helpful to others. Regards Randy. Parker A.

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Joined Sep 22, Messages 1 Reaction score 0. Trouble said:. Joined Apr 11, Messages 1 Reaction score 0. Deactivation of the Windows Firewall causes this, confirmed here. Thanks for posting. Joined Jun 6, Messages 1 Reaction score 0. Old post I know but I'm having the same issue here. And at least in my case, I do not think it is related to the firewall.

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Here's why: 1. My original problem was not the Mail app being unable to open links. Instead, it would open them with Opera browser my previous default , rather than with Firefox my actual default.

Can't open hyperlinks in Windows 8 Mail app

Unable to find a solution, I simply decided to uninstall Opera and see what would happen I expected the Mail app to either automatically switch to the Firefox, or prompt me to choose a browser. The result was, I now get the error that it is unable to open the links. This does not seem to be related to firewall to me but I am not a high expert ; 2. My Windows Firewall is active.

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I also tried removing and re-assigning firewall authorization for the Mail app, but this did not solve the problem either. Any ideas of what might be going on? You must log in or register to reply here. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? Ask a Question. Jan 17, Windows Live Mail reverts to 3 year old contact list?

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