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Themes let you change the look and feel of the phone's interface, replacing the wallpaper, icons, clock and calendar all in one package.

How to download, install and change themes on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Some themes only replace a small amount of stuff, while others replace almost everything. Rather confusingly, Nokia has started using the word "theme" to describe all kinds of other things such as the wallpaper, call images, menus, standby screen layouts etc. However, Nokia is wrong on this issue. When most people talk about themes they actually mean what Nokia now call "general themes". We're just going to call them "themes", we don't care what Nokia does.

You can change your 's current theme by doing the following: 1.

nokia 5800 xpress music themes

From the main standby screen, press the white menu button. Select "Settings". Select "Personal". Select "Themes". Select "General". Click once on a theme to see a preview of it. Click twice to actually use that theme.

Nokia XpressMusic themes, Free Nokia XpressMusic themes

Note that your may only come with one theme pre-installed. If that's the case, see the sections below on how to find more themes and install them on your phone.

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You can download and install new themes onto the Nokia from many different sites on the internet, usually completely free of charge. The is technically a "Symbian S60 5th Edition" phone, and it is compatible with themes written for S60 5th Edition.

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  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic themes, Free Nokia 5800 XpressMusic themes?

Because the is so new, and because it's the first ever S60 5th Edition phone, there aren't many themes out for it yet. Nokia themes at Mobile9.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Themes

S60 theme files have names that end in. SIS, just like S60 applications which also end in. You can find out how to install themes on the by visiting our application installation tutorial. Themes are installed in exactly the same way as applications, just follow the installation instructions in the link.

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After you've installed a theme, it should appear in the settings page as noted in the "How to change themes" section above. As we noted in the app installation tutorial, don't worry if you see a security warning when doing the installation. If you've got the theme from a trusted site such as Pizero's then there is no danger in installing the theme. Important Note: If you install a theme on your phone's memory card and then use that theme, it may cause videos to stutter slightly when you play them on the phone.

If this problem happens to you, try installing themes to the phone's internal memory instead. Alternatively, try switching to the phone's default theme while playing a video. The has built-in animations that lead from one screen to another. These should work with all themes. How to activate and deactivate animated transitions on the Nokia You can remove installed themes the same way you remove installed applications. See our applications tutorial for more details.

Sometimes theme designers will make several versions of the same theme using different sets of icons. They'll often provide one set which uses the phone's default icons often called "default" or "lite" or "standard" , and another set which uses a different set of icons one popular set is called "Flahorn". Install whichever version you prefer, or install both if you want. You can update your status, see what your friends are doing, upload photos, check messages and search phone numbers when you need them anytime, anywhere Youtube for Mobile - means having millions of videos right in your pocket.

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