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Recently I have purchased nokia xl.. Any particular website or ways to download wechat in my Nokia xl, plz help me…. Benz, did you check the Nokia Store? I see it is already available in the store. I am using Nokia Asha I went on Wechat website using my phone and downloaded Wechat as i thought there would be updates. But now Wechat would not open. It is stating that an internal application error occured.

What can i do to use Wechat again. Iam downloading wechat… And using wechat but iam not recieve message from phone by hiding wechat… Plz help. No fix possible. So practically no way for the app to find where you are. I need wechat for nokia c Hey I need a jar file for my nokia Asha …..

I have tried every website but I just cant happen to be able to download wechat for my phone…. It supports whats app i want to download we chat send me.

Download Free Java Application Gmail v - -

To download we chat. My phn nokia asha In my nokia asha in built chat and mail is not working please do something for that please; ;. Hi, i just downloaded wechat for my nokia C3. Please reply me asap. Unlike the newest Asha phones, C does not offer positioning via Cell Tower. So its not available. You can still contact wechat regarding their unavailability,. I use nokia x Which app will work on my fone and how should i download it. Whatsapp, line or wechat?? And when is it going to log in or sign up. Hey friend I use Nokia Asha , it supports Whatsapp.

Can u provide the jar file pls? This is clean stupidity on the part of WeChat makers. WhatsApp is always better and supports better text messaging than the messy wechat. How long is it going to take for the device to support wechat? It has been too long. You can better use WhatsApp. The text messages there were always better and now they have also introduced the Voice Messaging feature..

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Just hold on record and release to send the voice message. No point in adding a device specific limitation, instead let the user try if it works on a phone or not. Please help! I really want wechat…. Does a nokia X support We chat? If yes please may you tell me how i can download it. So plz let me know if there is any. My phone X does not support we chat it says as though whatsapp does work on my phone so could u pls send me quick easy link to download for my phone this app. Hello there. Is WeChat available for Nokia C?

If yes,pls provide me the download link. I have search in all area of wechat for these option. Please navigate me or If I have update something in my Nokia asha Currently I am using wechat ver 1. Thks in advance.

When it is delivered in a format not recognized by phone, it will save as exe. Which phone are you using? I am usin the nokia asha And i know it doesnt support my phone, but i wanna know why?? Its upto the developers. Tell me how to download wechat for nokia c my phone supports whatsapp but its not supporting wechat and as u have said that if ur phone is supporting whatsapp then it will definetly support wechat so pls help me out with this. I would really appreciate if u could help me.

Im using nokia and i already downloaded wechat. Need help! The java app is not so powerful. Why this whats up or we chat app.

Download Free Java Application Gmail v1.5.0.1187

Are not functioned on nokia asha dual sim without touchscreen. I want to know if there is any cracked version or something like that available for Asha ? Pls let me know! I have nokia C S40 mobile,i have whatsapp also how i can get wechat. Good Job. I am able to use whatsapp in my phone its nokia c but i tried for we chat i could download but it doesnt work,,error message i get is ,application for your phone is in research stage,,,see you soon.

Nokia X2-01 - cellular phone - GSM Series Specs

I use nokia Asha ….. I want to download we chat for Nokia X2 01…? Bt i heard that it will not available for x2 01 … Is it? Bt nw i could access it.. Plz help plz. I use nokia asha Well i wanna say thay am not able to send and receive voice messages in wechat now. Everytime i hve to delete and download it for enabling those functions to go well. But it only works for few hrs n again the same problem arises. The voice msgs received could nt b opened n evn voice msges could not be send to anyone.

How could i solve this problem??? Maybe you need a phone reset? Are you running the latest phone software? I use nokia asha I have noika asha …how i can send video msg pls try to help me… voice cht can b snt by hold calling button when u vl cht with ur friend. Hai,i use asha I download and instal Wechat. Once i open Wechat its just blink one time. But wechat is not work. I tried so many time.

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Please help me. Try deleting and re-installing again.

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  6. Plus, which phone software version are you at? Nokia recently released 7. Hello, is wechat going to be available for the Nokia C3 or not? Wechat not available for nokia asha ?? Cuz i did try but it not available in ur above link so plzzz help me. Check your configuration settings. N i wanted to downld we chat…cn u help me….. Thank u. Using whatsapp. I have succesfully installed wechat. It opens bt when i click on sign up they say..

    Can we really use it on our C….????

    How to Install WhatsApp on Nokia X, X+, X2 and XL

    Will it work without a problm..? Could we use every function of it…? I want to know more.. Looks like its working fine for me. What problem are you facing? What happens when you long press green key on your phone while in the conversation? You might be needed to contact WeChat to report this error. I could not make a vioce message frm wechat in my mob asha I hold down the call key but the key is hide not green. Help plz. I could send pics to my friends on Wechat through my Nokia asha Pls resolve my problem. Service Provider. Input Device. WAP Protocol Supported. WAP 2. Mobile Services.

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