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Yes, it should work. Message 14 of I keep my USB set to charge-only so that it charges at more than the standard mA.

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Otherwise the charger doesn't keep up when the phone is in use as a satnav with Waze. I haven't tried USB tethering, but would be concerned about lack of phone signal due to interference from the computer screen, plus I have minimal signal in that part of my house. Message 15 of Message 16 of Message 17 of Install an app like "My network" from O2. UK, or the OpenSignal app, that has a speed test built-in. Test the speed without the USB cable, and again with the tethering cable connected.

This will show whether the phone signal is suffering any interference from the location near to a computer. Message 18 of In this article: focus , hack , hacking , how to , how-to , HowTo , microsoft , omnia 7 , Omnia7 , samsung , samsung focus , samsung omnia 7 , SamsungFocus , SamsungOmnia7 , tethering , usb , usb tethering , UsbTethering , windows phone 7 , WindowsPhone7 , wp7. All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. Some of our stories include affiliate links.

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how to usb tether. it does NOT work on Windows 7 - Gmail Help

Kevin Smith is making a 'He-Man' anime series for Netflix. Internet Productivity. Windows Phone is becoming an increasing popular platform, but its initial release in baffled commentators by omitting key functionality such as copy and paste and tethering. Omitting these features arguably punished the platform, resulting in some poor early reviews. Hardly ideal! Microsoft has since resolved these shortcomings with the latest release of its successor to the clunky old Windows Mobile. Windows Phone 7.

Why the Big Deal?

This will enable you to share your mobile Internet connection with other devices. News of this feature came late in the day release day in fact!

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Despite being a much-requested function there was never any confirmation although plenty of denials that tethering of any kind would be included. Fortunately for Windows Phone users, wireless tethering is now a possibility. The benefits of this are considerable.

Windows Phone 7 USB tethering uncovered on Samsung phones

For instance, you might own a tablet, netbook or laptop and have no wireless functionality or access to any nearby wireless networks. Thanks to wireless tethering you can easily use your Windows Phone as a Wi-Fi router and connect to the Internet! There are a couple of things to bear in mind, however. The first is that if your mobile phone contract does not have suitable Internet usage terms you could easily end up being billed for more than you can afford, so before proceeding, check the small print.

The second point to consider is that using wireless tethering can be quite draining on your mobile phone battery, so it is advised for only short-term use unless you are able to keep your Windows Phone charged. To get started using this function, you will need to open the Settings menu.

How To Enable USB Storage on Your Windows Phone 7 Device

This can be found on the Start screen and is also available by swiping left or tapping the arrow in the top-right corner of the screen. With the Settings menu open, first scroll down to Mobile network to confirm that both Data connection and 3G connection are activated. You will need the 3G connection active if you are to have any hope of achieving fast mobile Internet!