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Much of its success is also down to iOS and its sizable, noticeably superior tablet app collection. Android and Windows 8. Pros: Very portable, with a well built, well designed body. Retina display is very crisp, powered by fast, significantly upgraded hardware. Cons: Pricey, especially for storage upgrades and the cellular model. Display color gamut is lacking. Other reviewers said: Battery Life, Air vs.


User Comments: 12 Got something to say? Post a comment. We're displaying each screenshot at the same physical size, to demonstrate how they would look if you had both iPad mini tablets side by side. On the top is the original iPad mini, while the bottom image shows the super-sharp iPad mini 2. Compared to the iPad Air, the smaller screen size here means that text and icons are smaller, but not to the point where anything is difficult to read.

Apple has picked a high-quality IPS panel, as we've come to expect, which is bright, with vibrant colours. When we put the tablets side by side, the Air's screen was plainly superior, with darker text and whiter whites. The mini's screen is still excellent, and you're unlikely to notice the difference in everyday use, but some compromises have been made to cram this many pixels into this few screen inches.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8. Compared to other small-screen tablets, such as the Nexus 7 , the iPad mini 2 has the advantage. While 7in is a typical screen size on other tablets, the aspect ratio and 7. In terms of size and resolution, while maintaining a tablet that's handheld, we have to say that Apple has got the balance bang on. Inside is the same bit 1. However, the mini 2 is still more than fast enough to run any current title without any slowdown, so you shouldn't have any trouble playing your favourite games. Alongside the A7 sits the Apple M7 motion coprocessor, which was introduced with the iPhone 5s.

This low-power part monitors the sensors on the iPad, which lets it do some pretty clever things. For example, place the iPad flat on a desk and it knows that it's no longer moving, so there's no point hunting for Wi-Fi or mobile signals, which can help it save power. It can also detect if you move from driving to walking, which means Maps can switch its directions to suit. With this ability built into the iPad, other apps can start to make use of the M7 and we doubt that we've seen it used to its maximum ability yet.

As with the iPad mini 3, the mini 2 has a 6,mAh battery. In our video-playback battery test, the tablet lasted for 11hrs 4mins. Apple hasn't upgraded the camera in the iPad mini 2, sticking with the same 5-megapixel model as used in the iPad Air and previous iPad mini. Considering the resolution, the camera's not too bad, but it is starting to show its age now, as shots are decidedly low-res.

Apple iPad mini 2 Review

Compared side by side with the iPad mini, with both photos taken at the same time, the iPad mini 2 bottom image produces the slightly better shot. Colours are marginally better and there's more dynamic range. The photo is also a little sharper throughout. In both cases, the resolution means there isn't much detail when you zoom in, although the photos are fine for sharing on YouTube.

Pictures start to get much noisier in low light, and there's no flash to help illuminate things.

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The improved camera was shown again in our still-life photography tests. Here, we shoot our scene in a light tent under controlled lighting, letting us compare the results from any camera or tablet that we get in for review. Under bright lighting, the iPad mini 2 does a really good job. The shot is well exposed, colours are natural and there's very little sign of noise.

With a resolution of just five megapixels, there's a little less detail on the duck's yellow fur compared to the latest high-resolution smartphones. That said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the shot, and it's more than good enough for sharing online.

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Next we turn off the main lights, leaving a pair of side lights to illuminate the scene. Here, the iPad mini 2 still performed well. Some of the colour detail has been reduced, but detail is still there and there's still very little noise. This is quite an improvement over the old iPad mini, which struggled in this situation. Our final test shot cuts all of the lighting, bar the LEDs integrated into the scene.

This is a tough shot for any camera to deal with and the iPad mini 2 struggles here. It's hard to see the train, while the duck's feathers have become a blur. It's also much noisier. As we said, this kind of shot is incredibly tough for anything to deal with and we weren't expecting the new iPad mini to deal with it.

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As such, this tablet is better for taking photos in moderately to well-lit situations. Video can be shot at a resolution of 1, x 1, with a Full HD resolution.

Quality is pretty good in brightly lit areas, with a decent amount of detail in the frame. In darker conditions, the sensor's limitations show up and noise creeps into the picture. Still, for occasional use, the mini is perfectly acceptable. On the front is 1. For its intended purpose, it's pretty good and the resolution means that the person you're talking to can easily work out what's going on. The new operating system brings forward lots of great new features and we're glad that Apple is still maintaining the mini 2. With iOS 10, the iPad flies through intensive tasks and is a joy for multitasking.

Over iOS 7, the ability to simply change your stock keyboard or even put Spotlight search to better use, all add up to a fantastic experience. We have no complaints in the software department but do remember that at Apple will at some point stop its software support for the mini 2. This isn't a major cause for concern, but worth knowing. The 4G chip has been upgraded from the previous version, so the iPad mini will work on all 4G networks in the UK. When 4G roaming comes in, the iPad mini 2 will work on networks around Europe, too.

Wi-Fi is provided by a dual-band However, that shouldn't be much of a problem, as Given how most of us use an iPad, the faster wireless networking standard wouldn't really add a lot. Apple's refurbished mini 2 has four capacities listed: , , and GB.

We feel 16GB is little limiting these days, and since the 32GB version can be found for just a little more, we'd say the 32GB model offers the best balance between price and storage space. There's no doubt in our mind that the iPad mini 2 is the best small, handheld tablet that you can buy now for not a lot of money. It perfectly balances screen resolution and size with portability.