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5 Alternatives to Google Sky Map iPhone Users Can Use

WhatsApp Web, le immagini. Telegram per iOS e Android, le immagini. Opera: le chat di WhatsApp, Messenger e Telegram. WhatsApp: arrivano le videochiamate. Ok Google per inviare messaggi WhatsApp. WhatsApp Web: video tutorial. Le Immagini. Which I think is absolutely awesome. I would call myself an amateur astrophotographer, and this app helps me out a bunch. It is also really helpful to be reading a section of the textbook for my current astronomy class, and be able to whip this app out and find what star or galaxy we are talking about. I do wish it would give you a better look into the future, being able to project where certain stars, galaxies, or nebulae will be in a larger scope of time.

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I am practicing taking shots of the heart of the milkyway, but I still have about a month or two until it will be near that time where I live. I'd like to be able to plan a bit more for my shots, so I end up on safari searching for the right info to help me out. I feel that would be a modest addition to the app. I love being able to open this app whenever I see a star or constellation that I want to know more about or become familiar with.

I like to quiz myself and the app helps me grade my responses. I also use it to teach my two year old about the wonders in the night sky. We love it! Her favorite star: Vega. My favorite star s : The winter triangle; Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Procyon. I love the option to display or hide constellation lines or artwork, and love that I can either show or hide the actual surroundings that my camera can see. This app is great, I highly recommend it.

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It was a really late night during the summer of My sister, my mom, my dad and I were catching fire flies. Then next to it, I saw Jupiter, the moon, and Mars! And the app is completely free! This app never shows adds. With most solar system apps, it shows you what you are pointing the camera at like if you pointed your camera at your patio, you would see your patio , or apps might show you a fake sky like if it was in the middle of the day, it would show the sunset , but this app has a setting that you can see the pitch black starry sky in space!

This app does not need WiFi, and you can use it all day, every day! Any time, any place, as long as you have your device. I hope this was a helpful review. Requires iOS