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If you know you are staying in the same time zone then it is better to turn off this battery-draining feature and use it while travelling. The Diagnostics feature constantly sends reports to Apple while consuming your battery. Disable this feature to save battery life. It not only protects your phone but will also extend its battery life. The casing is charged and plugs into your iPhone.

PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case (for iPhone 4 and 4S)

This amazing product can make your battery last almost twice as long. Conclusion Try out these tips and your iPhone 4S will surely have a longer battery life than it did before. Follow Us: Creativeoverflow.

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Instagram Follow Us: Creativeoverflow. The iPhone 5 is longer and significantly thinner than its identical-looking forerunners.

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This means that it's more comfortable to hold, and it practically disappears in a pocket. This is only accentuated by its aluminum back: the backs of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 are made of glass. The iPhone 5 could have easily been called the iPhone Air. The two older models feel like paperweights after using the incredibly light iPhone 5. Though the pixels-per-inch PPI are identical, the iPhone 5 display gains an extra half-inch of real estate.

This ups the resolution and shifts the aspect ratio to an oblong Longtime iPhone users may find it strange at first, but will soon appreciate the extra room for apps, photos, and web pages. Apple also opted for a thinner display in the new model. Combining a layer of touch sensors also brings those pixels closer to the surface.

The company also boasts of 40 percent greater color saturation in the iPhone 5. There are noticeable boosts of speed in each successive model. The A6 chip in the iPhone 5 is a screamer, breaking smartphone benchmark records. The iPhone 4S still performs well for a modern smartphone. The two-year-old iPhone 4 is a bit sluggish for standards. The iPhone doubles the RAM of its two predecessors.

This is another factor in its blazing-fast performance. Though the older iPhones originally shipped in different storage models, the cheaper models sold at present are more limited. It may be faster than your home broadband connection. Uptimes are similar across all three devices. That doesn't, however, make this category a wash: maintaining battery life while improving performance and adding LTE is no small feat. The iPhone 5 camera is a subtle - but pointed - improvement over the shooter in the 4S.

The camera in the iPhone 4S was a big leap ahead of the shooter in the iPhone 4. The difference between the iPhone 5 and the 4S is relatively small. Lastly software update is always free.

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It is coming up to a year since I began to use it. At first immediately after I purchased it I was like ""What's this! But now I am looking at it all the time. If you don't want to make the mistake of smartphone, then I think you need an iPhone. There was a time when I thought the iPhone4 was better, but now I am in love with this rounded 3G model. I always grew very tired of them quickly when I had mobile phones and changed models, but since changing to the iPhone I don't feel the same way.

I think it is because it a neither a good nor bad shape that you don't get tired of it. The size is small compared with domestic smartphones and portability is excellent. Radio wave is stable compared with Softbank balding. It has panorama mode, face detection and HDR photo. Overall it is a great phone with clear and crisp camera, a fast processor with decent RAM and decent battery capacity. Siri helps a lot in searching for everyday needs.

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I like this phone because i can watch all the games in nba for free without any hassle. Its very beautiful I mean, the design, the operations, the applications, the battery I mean almost all. I like also that it's very responsive because there are some touch screens which are very hard to click, I mean others are hard screen not soft screen. Halos konti lang naman ang difference nito sa iphone 4 parehas lang din naman halos yung mga features nito at sa disply kaya naman hindi rin ako gaanung nag-enjoy sa pag palit ng iphone 4s.

Pero hindi ko sinasabi na pangit ito dahil maganda siyang gamitin at mamalaki ang naitutulong nito sa akin lalo na sa work ko. Sa internet ko siya madalas ginagamit kasi sa ganda ng processor nito na IOS eh kahit saang operations eh ok talagang gamitin tapos naka 32GB internal memory storage pa ito na madami kang ma-iinstall na mga apps. Simple and lacking useless parts, I like it. Once you get used to controling it using flicks, you'll able to type faster than with a keyboard. Frequently, I can't convert with just one move, it takes a lot of time. It seems it doesn't have a learning feature.

Everything moves smoothly, right with my finger. Within those screens, apps can be freely arranged, of course. For me, the app's screen is big enough and I don't do misclicks much, so I'm satisfied. If you use apps, games or the net, the battery will weaken fast. Still, it charges quickly and if you have a charger or a mobile booster while outside, I think there won't be any problems.

At first, I wanted to get a Sony Xperia, but in the store, I was able to try out the phone and since I was interested in it even before, in the end I bought an iPhone. It works differently from a smartphone by a different company that my smart friend is using and after comparing them, its power and the wealth of apps is surprising.

I've heard that in a year's time, a new iPhone is to be announced and released, but I'm really satisfied since I got my 4S. It's a very attractive smartphone. Without sharp corners, it looks stylish.

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The camera is easy to use indoors as well as outdoors. As a camera and music player, I have no complaints. I switched from Docomo after 12 years. I wanted iPhone, but honestly, it's hard to use. I can't get different ring tones for emails -- how unfortunate! I'm not obsessed with mobile phones as much as I used to. Not a bother. No lags during scrolling. The design of 3G was the most easy to carry, you could carry it without a case, but since Slips easily. Looks easily breakable if dropped.

The evolving iPhone is the best. The iPhone IME doesn't predict English text, in order to copy-paste you first have to open an app, using emoji in mobage takes a lot of time, and the Japanese text input is generally pretty stupid.