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Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over The app uses Game Center. The app uses Google Play Game Services. Football fans! We've tweaked a few things to ensure the best football experience possible. I have been looking for Brazilian soccer teams.

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I love how we could compete in matches to get a uniform we wanted which was cool, that would be awesome to do more then once! And being about to get more teams around the world would really include all fifa teams in every single competition. Brazil soccer teams are not even listed the rest of the world category but I wish it really did! Because having all 11 players from Barcelona fc or Paris sg would cost a lot of coins to get 11 players and time and patients I got mls NYFC team and got their jersey set which I love! I would absolutely love it if the fifa game can be a little more inclusive with other teams from other countries not yet in the game!

Also woman soccer players the World Cup is coming and it would be great to have Woman soccer players!

FIFA 12 for iPad - App Review

So first off I play this game religiously, and it has all the players you could ever want to play. The chemistry aspect gives you a bonus while playing H2H or VS attack. The downfall is you have to have players of the same nation league or team to get the chemistry. The beauty of FIFA is having all players from all around football being able to be on the same team. Another issue I have is all the events unlock cool players, which is great but the longer the event goes on the lower your resell value is in the market. Real Soccer from Gameloft is a free iPhone and iPad download in name only.

When you download the free game, your only available option is to manage an international team through a World Cup-style tournament. Winning games and scoring goals builds up your experience, which unlocks other options like domestic leagues in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Some upgrades—such as different balls, stadiums, and national teams—can also be bought with experience, though the best upgrades require you to spend in-game currency, which you accrue at a much slower pace. Entreaties to upgrade to new balls, stadiums, and other extras appear nearly constantly—at least every time you try to access a new menu in the game.

To play a game, you need at least 50 points of stamina. The game replenishes one stamina point every 10 minutes, but it caps you at points. It will give you the option of buying stamina. The game features a standard d-pad, along with virtual buttons that change depending on whether you have the ball or not. Buttons for passing and shooting on offense become controls to press and tackle on defense; the sprint button remains constant.

Capacitive “Stick On” Controllers

The controls are pretty simple to use; unfortunately, the AI appears just as simple. PES from Konami Digital Entertainment fares much better just by offering a more genuine free-to-play experience. When you download the free iPhone and iPad game, only the Super Challenge mode and a training area are unlocked and you have a limited selection of teams.

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