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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. List of The Legend of Korra episodes. Six months after the defeat of Amon and the Equalists, Korra believes she has mastered airbending, Mako works as a policeman, Bolin fares poorly in pro-bending with the new "Fire Ferrets", and Asami tries to keep Future Industries intact.

Team Avatar joins Tenzin and his family in a visit to the Southern Water Tribe for the winter solstice. The festivities are disrupted by the rampage of a dark spirit, which neither Korra nor Tenzin can calm or repel. Unalaq, Korra's uncle and the chief of the Norther Water Tribe ultimately assuages the spirit's anger with a "spiritual" form of waterbending.

Despite the misgivings of her father, who has a strained relationship with his brother, Korra apprentices herself to Unalaq to continue her spiritual development, rebuffing previous mentor Tenzin in the process. Korra and company journey with Unalaq and his children Desna and Eska to the South Pole, where Korra is to attempt to return the long-absent Southern Lights , at Unalaq's urging.

When Korra learns that her father was once banished from the Northern Water Tribe for causing a spirit rampage, and that he and Tenzin were responsible for her seclusion in her youth, she insists on Tonraq returning home, and tensions begin to grow between herself and Tenzin. At the South Pole, Korra succeeds in returning the southern lights by opening a blocked "spirit portal" one of two gateways which allows access to the spirit world and regulates the flow of spiritual energy between the two worlds.

Returning from the pole, Korra's party discover that Northern Water Tribe have come to occupy the south at Unalaq's direction, to initiate a "reunification" of the two tribes. At the Southern Air Temple, Jinora is strongly drawn to the statues of the past avatars, particular that of her grandfather Aang and an unidentified carving of another ancient Avatar.

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As the Southerners resist Northern occupation, Unalaq offers to protect the southern portal while Korra opens its northern counterpart, claiming that this will deepen the connection between humanity and the spirits and prevent further dark spirit attacks. Eccentric Southern Tribe inventor and entrepreneur Varrick, whose business suffers from Unalaq's blockade, begins a revolt. Korra prevents an abduction of Unalaq by Southern rebels.

As she tries to reconcile with her mother, Senna, and Tonraq, Unalaq appears to arrest them for conspiring to assassinate him. After her father is sentenced to life in prison for conspiring to assassinate Unalaq, Korra discovers that Unalaq staged the trial, as well as Tonraq's much earlier banishment from the Northern Tribe, where Tonraq had been expected to succeed as chief. With the help of her friends and Varrick, Korra frees Tonraq and other condemned rebels from prison, and extracts Bolin from an impending forced marriage to Eska.

The Legend of Korra

She promises to seek the United Republic's support for the Southern rebellion. Mako, back in the police force, tries to track down the culprits while Varrick produces anti-Northern propaganda "movers" motion pictures starring Bolin. Korra fails to persuade President Raiko to send troops in support of the Southern rebellion. Korra sets off on a sea voyage to the Fire Nation to seek the Fire Lord's support, but is pursued by Eska and Desna, and eventually swallowed by a gargantuan dark spirit.

Mako and Asami investigate the theft of a shipment of Future Industries mecha-tanks bound for the Southern rebels, and enlist the Triple Threat Triads for a sting operation. They are double-crossed and find Asami's warehouses ransacked. In desperation, Asami sells a controlling share of Future Industries to Varrick before Mako identifies him as the instigator of the various bombings and thefts, though he lacks the evidence to convince his superiors. An amnesiac Korra washes ashore on a Fire Nation island.

While being healed by the Fire Sages, Korra explores her past lives and experiences the journey of Wan, the first Avatar, who lived 10, years previous. At this time, humans lived on the shells of the giant lion turtles to protect themselves from the spirit wilds and other dangers from the spirit world that freely roam the physical world. Wan and his friends live in poverty and hunger, under the nepotistic family that rules his city.

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As a form of protection, the lion turtles grant the power to bend elements for a limited time when humans venture into the wilds. After Wan violates the prohibition against bringing his bending into the city in order to steal food for his friends, he is banished from the city, but allowed to keep his firebending. He manages to survive by befriending the spirits in the forest, but two years later, he sets out on a journey of exploration, where he eventually encounters two powerful spirits battling each other.

One of the spirits asks Wan for assistance, when he is held down by the other, and Wan separates the two. While the spirit escapes, the other spirit, Raava, explains that she is the spirit of light and peace, and that the spirit Wan had inadvertently freed is Vaatu, the spirit of darkness and war; Wan has inadvertently initiated an age of darkness for the world.

Wan discovers a second lion turtle city inhabited by airbenders, but no sooner has he arrived than Vaatu appears, turning other spirits dark and threatening to destroy the world. Determined to stop Vaatu, Wan resolves to master additional elements with Raava's help, and prepare for the ' Harmonic Convergence ', during which Vaatu and an increasingly weakened Raava will battle for the fate of the world.

Wan and Raava fail to stop a bloody war initiated between the humans and spirits by Vaatu. Arriving at the Southern spirit portal, Wan and Raava enter the spirit world and join battle against Vaatu by having Raava temporarily inhabit Wan. The battle goes poorly, but when Harmonic Convergence begins, Wan and Raava are able to fuse together permanently, thereby becoming the first Avatar.

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After sealing Vaatu in the Tree of Time, Wan convinces the spirits to return to the spirit world and seals the portals, becoming the "bridge" between the two worlds himself. Years later, a dying Wan lays on a smoldering battlefield and apologizes to Raava for not bringing peace to the world. But Raava assures him that their journey has only just begun; they will have many lives together in the avatar cycle of reincarnation.

Korra awakens, memories restored, and leaves the island intent on stopping Unalaq's plans, whatever they may be, for the next Harmonic Convergence, which is mere weeks away. Korra seeks Tenzin's help to enter the spirit world; but much to Tenzin's frustration, their attempts fail; Korra is instead guided by Jinora, who proves to have a strong connection to the spirits. In Republic City, Mako continues his investigation of Varrick.

When Asami goes to cheer Mako up, his apartment is raided by the police and they find evidence, planted by Varrick, that he was responsible for the thefts from Future Industries, resulting in his second arrest. At the South Pole, Unalaq fails to open the sealed North Pole portal himself, and reports to Vaatu, who promises that Korra shall come to them. In the spirit world with Jinora, Korra must contend with the difficult relationships between spirits.

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When the two are separated, Korra is transformed into a childlike version of herself. She is rescued by Iroh , who has "retired" into the spirit world and who teaches her that she must exert strong control over her emotions in the spirit world, among other lessons, allowing Korra to travel to the Tree of Time, where the portals meet in the spirit world.

Meanwhile, Jinora finds Wan Shi Tong's library and convinces the Spirit of Knowledge to allow her to learn about the spirit portals.


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The Coronation. The Calling. Enemy at the Gates. Battle of Zaofu. Beyond the Wilds. The official sites nick.

Even so, digital cable on Friday 8pm still offers the best quality after Blu-Ray. Not anymore. This coming Monday is only episode , so with a day delay episode will be up next Monday July This is probably to encourage users to watch on TV and help Nick break into Friday prime-time market mostly dominated by Disney. For example, you can watch The Earth Queen on the website. They usually have it up a few hours after it airs, and it's in the best quality possible, and it even works on mobile browsers.

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