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Hence I often keep the phone on full silent unless I am outdoors. I don't know how common this feature is on other phones, but my LG Revere 2 had it, and I used it quite often. It limits your choices to a few. The puzzling and unfortunate: - The phone has a side button that activates voice recognition! No idea why they made this design decision. Why would I want to be able to access my phone in this way when it is closed? There is a way to disable it, but you have to disable ALL of the exterior buttons, including the volume and push-to-talk button.

In my opinion, this is the phone's worst feature. Again, no idea why they would design it this way. All that being said, the Casio G'zOne Ravine 2 is a pretty good phone for basic use, and I am usually happy with it, especially when I reach my walking goals for the day. Read full review. I wanted a sturdy phone that would last, and this phone fits the bill. I had tried a less expensive Convoy II, but it literally fell into pieces while in my pocket. I like the feel and heft of this phone and it has all of the features I need.

If you purchase a Casio G'zOne Ravine 2 be sure to check the model number and cost of an extended battery, you will probably want one. Skip to main content. About this product. Network: Verizon Verizon Unlocked. Make an offer:. Stock photo. Brand new: lowest price The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable.

I purchased this as a backup several years ago, but I never even took it out of the package until I took these photos. I have read that is Verizon is no longer activating these for new customers, but existing customers may be able to.

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It might be useable for prepaid services, but you should verify that before purchase. See details. See all 2 brand new listings.

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Buy It Now. Add to cart. Take these Casio Ravine Verizon Wireless mobile phones with you no matter where you go. You can make use of this phone in any situation, rain or shine. The Casio Ravine phone has a high-impact body to prevent damage. It also meets F Military Standards, so you can immerse it in water for 30 minutes and still make a call with no problem. The Verizon Ravine phone is resistant to dust, salt, humidity, radiation, and wind.

GSM capability on the Casio Ravine 2 provides global worldwide roaming. This type of wireless phone can make calls in more than countries. The convenient Push-to-Talk feature is perfect when you want to quickly talk to a group. You will be able to hear the wireless conversation clearly due to this phone's high-volume speakers. The design of the Casio G'zOne Ravine 2 makes it easy to find because its circular display has a bright red border. This Verizon Casio Ravine can do more than make a phone call.

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It displays the time and date as well as message arrival and battery life alerts. Its Opera Mini Internet browser on the device allows you to access web content. The Walking Counter mode displays steps taken, distance and time traveled, and speed. The Earth Compass mode operates like a regular compass but can also display directions to over 40 popular destinations. The Casio's thermometer mode displays both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures.

You can check the time when the sun will rise and set as well as the sun's position in your area with the Sunrise, Sunset mode. This feature will also identify your current location using GPS, a useful safety option for hikers.

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If you enjoy astronomy and space, the Star Gazer mode will identify the major stars. Additional Product Features Display Resolution. Show More Show Less. Add to Cart. Any Condition Any Condition. Last one Free shipping. See all Send a warning to Selected user. The user has 0 warnings currently. Next warning will result in ban!

Home Cell Phone Reviews You are here. Verizon Android. Front camera. Android buttons. Located above the display is a 1. There is a movable lock-release to open up the battery cover, which has the same type of rubber O-Ring that is on the USB port and headphone port, to help protect it from the elements. Left edge. Rear camera. Battery compartment.

Reply Report. This phone is like a tank and makes S4 Active and Xperia Z like a bunch of wusses in terms of outdoor performance. Unfortunately G'zOne missed the boat in terms of processing power and camera performance which the two wusses have done a better job in that arena. Agreed what really sucks is this phone was cleared by the FCC back in Oct of and if it came out then would have been perfect competition as most of the phones last yr were still duel core it had the same snapdragon processor as the S3 and Moto Razr HD and Maxx and those phones came out in April and Aug-Sept of last yr so it would have stacked up great against them but Verizon had to sit on the phones for 10 months giving the other phones a better chance to sell that wasn't needed.

Otherwise specs are pretty much on par between the two.

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This phone is fully submersible to, I have the phone and already have put it underwater several times with no problem, even have taken some underwater pictures already both this and the old commando have always been fully submersible up to 5 ft for 30 mins per recommindation of the company but can go deeper and longer as I have taken the old commando. Just got the phone yesterday, so have the 14 days to switch. I really wanted a rugged phone and have no issue compromising the video and some other features for that and the great speakerphone quality when on calls.

Downloaded ATK and keep eye on that. Disabled amex, all amazons. Any other ideas for better battery life? Thanks, I am just an active girl who hated to spend any money on any smart phone I had to be careful with!

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Yes i bought the extended battery from verizon themselves i called and asked for the commando lte extended battery which is mAH. I dont have enought post to post the link but if you go to verizon wireless. Also the battery does add weight and thickness. It comes with another back plate for it that sticks out but provides a long days worth of battery use. Also forgot to mention with the new back cover i still took mine to the local water park and submerged it several times with no problem again only thing is it add bulk and weight to the phone but i dont mind for what it can do its Thank you for the info.

Will it still fit in shirt or pants pocket? That's all I need. Thanks for helping. I have a mAh ext battery for my extended trips away from a charger First off, I'm not a forum guru but I'm from neanderthal when it comes to reviews.

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This is my opinion one of the best pieces of consumer tech to come out in years. The fact that it has received publicity in the shadow of S4 active is sad. Probably this is due to the fact that the name isn't catchy enough and way too long. Casio as a company has been dropping the ball across the board for awhile. But let's put all that aside for a minute and look at just this phone.

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You can read specs for yourself, I'm not a salesman, all I can say is that the phone does everything described by the review above and more. For me, the software and hardware are sufficient for anything that you would want to do on a phone. I've had this phone for a month. I've beat the living snot out of it. Every phone I've ever owned has needed an insurance plan to keep up with my lifestyle and yes I got a plan for this phone too, although it may not need it.

If you need a prissy phone that takes good self-portraits, your out of luck here. If you need a phone that blasts your favorite music while enjoying a shower beer, you've struck gold. In the rain, in the sun, thrown into pools, dropped from ledges this thing is still kicking strong. Here my list of pros and cons on this product: Pros: 1. Rugged and familiar with water 2. Fully customizable landscape 3. Functional built-in apps that can be removed and power control widget is awesome 4. Hotspot node 5. Blutooth sync although the refresh rate is a little slow Cons: 1.

Severely lacking accessories 2. Battery life although it has a bulky upgrade option If you're thinking about this phone, here's something to consider before buying. You're getting into a phone made a company that is not very popular or frankly well-known outside of specific markets. The Walkman days are over and we're not comparing new tech so often as we are better tech. This phone is the best at what it does. I do not have the new version yet but I will tell you the 3G model is a very rugged phone. I have had it sense it came out.

It has fallen of the hood of my van at 70 mph going down the freeway, fallen off 2 - 3 story buildings, thrown into a brick wall, submerged into everything you can think of from mud, beer, sewer, even sat on the bumper of my truck all night in a hot, humid summer Tn storm, all night wash it off and it keeps working.

The list go on as to the durability of the Casio Commando. The battery life is what it is, keep a charger close by. I look forward to owning the new G4 LTE.

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This may seem elementary to some Auto brightness on. PTT does not work on this phone. What a bummer. It took months before they release PTT on the first one so maybe they will have it later??? Still a rather disappointing battery like the first one.