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The application act as if it needs more memory. If I control-click the application icon and choose "get info", it shows under "memory" tab that "suggested size" and "preferred size" text boxes are greater than "minimum size".

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But it wouldn't let me change the number in "minimum size" text box to match the suggested size, even though I set up all the permissions to be able to do it. How can this be done? I know this used to be necessary in OS 9 and earlier. If this is not necessary in OS X, then why does it even display these numbers in the info window? I am not running classic. Thanks dk. Meltdown Musician and Apple Freak.

Simple Ways to Reduce Memory Usage on Mac (MacBook Pro, Air, iMac)

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Could be a Google Chrome application memory leak as I had the same issue with it. If won't help, Force Quitting the affected application should solve the problem. Also try running sudo purge from the Terminal. It's possible there is some odd request for memory that the virtual memory system cannot oblige. It's likely something caused by a buggy program leaking memory - so you could look into updating any programs that are running when this last happened to ensure it's not something that a bug fix can remedy.

The memory consumption went from 4. I had to repeat the process, one time right after the other, and now my memory issues have been solved. More likely it is a problem with the OS itself.

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I just received this message when I had just a few programs open and memory pressure was "green" in Activity Monitor - but my uptime is days. Restart is probably the best suggestion until Apple fixes this. If you're seeing this message but the listed applications don't seem to explain the supposed excessive memory consumption, check whether non-application processes might be behind it. They'll be listed in the Memory tab of Activity Monitor, but won't appear in that dialog. I was being barraged by this dialog with neither the listed applications nor free disk space explaining the supposed problem.

The amounts they were using still don't explain the dialog's claim, and memory pressure was still in the green, but as soon as I quit them didn't even have to force-quit the dialogs stopped and haven't recurred since. WARNING: It's a good idea to do a little online research into what any unknown processes are and do before forcibly quitting them, as some may have significant bad effects on the system if killed.

Depending on the process, it may be preferable to restart the system either in lieu of, or immediately after, force-quitting it. It's always been when I had a crap ton of Safari tabs open.

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I suspect a memory management issue with Safari. Maybe some websites trigger it but Safari should be resilient enough to recover. Additionally, Safari all too often throws the "force reload" option at me because web pages have stopped responding. It's just not ready for prime time.

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