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Online exercise demonstration library, with a search button, and easily accessible click on the program to take the client each exercise! Client log in and paid monthly subscription per cl I need a solution better than decentralized option. I want to modify or build from scratch website Product software with purchase option. Goal is: - Improve brand identity - Make professional website for product with increased sales conversion. Give me your best designs. Install security option on server about this maleware code see attachment. Please be sure to read the entire project before bidding. | Achat et vente de vêtements en Tunisie

Not a traditional Remote, make sure you can do it. It is a project that can be done in minutes if you know the way. I need 2 parts. A client and a server.

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There are many ready examples on the internet with "Remote Desktop" option I can give you the link of a ready project, just to implement the part we w I will show more details via private chat. Thank you! We are looking for a skilled Developer and or development team to relaunch our exchange and marketplace as a DEX Exchange.

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We will be replacing the Omni wallets with a decentralized wallet system our system. NET Core 2. Points will be covering in the projects are: 1. Encrypt the video and Encrypted Video run in only own android Video player and main thing is create table in app in which we save the information of video folder name, folder access date and expiry date.

Before access date and after expiry date that's folder not open so video do not play. PDF file open in the App 3. Image open in the app I want someone to add 3 payment options in my website. PayPal, cryptocurrency and bank transfer When someone try to buy a service to have these three options and be able to send me their info.

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I want ASAP. My website is in wordpress. I have a party rental business and use Booqable for accepting orders. I want the customer to be able to look at the map to find their delivery zone and choose it and add a price according to their zone.

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Hi, I would like to create a B2B website in digital marketing. The form should be one page scroll through. Here are the requirements for the back office that I would like to have: 1. I want it to be simple, I want that even my grandma is able to use it. But the way you manage and maintain mobile apps vs. PWAs is incredibly different. BuildFire has a great roundup of the hidden costs that come with having a mobile app. In it, author Ian Blair shares the most expensive maintenance costs associated with apps:.

Some of these will certainly overlap with PWAs. However, take a look at these three that are specific to mobile apps:. Yes, the surrounding web hosting architecture, SSL certificate, payment gateways and other integrated technology will require monitoring and maintenance. However, a lot of that stuff is managed by the provider itself. Most of what you have to concern yourself with in terms of maintaining a PWA is the update piece. When the underlying software has an update available or you simply want to make a change to the content of the PWA, you can push it through to your site after testing on a staging server first, of course.

Changes immediately go live. Once you have a good hypothesis in place, beta testing will be key to ensure you have a viable strategy in place. Getting someone to install your app from an app store is one thing. Getting users to become an actual customer is another. More on that down below. You have to drive traffic to it within each app store. That said, websites cost money. You should also be doing this on your own through social media. The only thing is, organic social media marketing takes time.

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One final customer acquisition cost to factor in is retention rate optimization. All you need to worry about now is optimizing it for search. You could do this on your own with free keyword tools and SEO plugins. Instead, you can use paid ads on social media and Google all within a reasonable budget to increase the presence of your PWA in search. Unlike mobile apps which need users to find them within app stores, PWAs are searchable.

Words with Friends sells Power Ups, Premiums and Coins to customers who want to get more out of their gameplay. Sponsored content apps are ones that publish sponsored ads and content to generate revenue. Ad-free apps are ones that accept payment to remove intrusive ads from getting in the way of the app interface. Free apps are just what they sound like. Instead, loyalty users, enterprise customers and others who pay for a premium service in person or online gain access for free. It might not lead directly to cash in the bank for the app, but it does increase the amount of word-of-mouth referrals which tend to be more valuable in the long run anyway.

The Cost… As great as all these monetization methods are, there are two big things to note here in terms of what mobile app monetization is going to cost you:. Mobile app stores take a portion of money earned through your app. This becomes obvious when you compare app store revenues :. Against mobile app revenues :.

Can You Make More Money With A Mobile App Or A PWA?

Note that the app store revenues shown above are about a third of total mobile app revenues. According to Apple :. Not only that, but you have to meet a certain minimum threshold. Subscriptions : Just like mobile apps, PWAs can sell premium access. The Financial Times is an online newspaper that sells premium access to its stories through its PWA:. Forbes is one such example that uses a lot of advertising on its PWA:.

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Any kind of business can easily convert its website into a PWA and continue selling its products, services, and downloadables. The Cost… Compared to how many ways you can earn money with a mobile app, this might seem like a tawdry list. That is, aside from any affiliate commissions or e-commerce gateway fees you may owe. Want to see a real-life example of how businesses are earning more money by creating a progressive web app? Check out this story about JM Bullion. Before you go rushing out to build a mobile app for your clients, think about the kind of ROI they can realistically expect compared to a PWA.

The upfront costs and ongoing maintenance of a native mobile app are huge. However, if you look at the PWA counterpart, not only is it less expensive to build and maintain, but the turnaround times ensure that cash will start to flow in sooner rather than later.