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I appreciated that most of the watch faces available for the Charge 3 show your real-time heart rate, either in a corner or at the bottom of the rectangular display. I like being able to glance down and know my pulse.

Problem #1 – Syncing issues

You can choose from five different watch faces for the Charge 3, making it less customizable than the Ionic or the Versa. Those smartwatches have the advantage of running Fitbit OS, which includes a library of many third-party-developed watch faces.

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  • Charge 3 is sleek, but Versa is more like an actual watch.
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The Charge 3 isn't a smartwatch, so its version of Fitbit's software isn't as robust as what we see on the Ionic and the Versa. It's not as critical for the Charge 3 since it isn't designed to run more than a few basic apps, but those looking for interesting watch faces will have to do with just a handful of options. The Charge 3's screen has percent more active space than the Charge 2 has, and it makes for a better touchscreen overall. From the watch face, swipe from top to bottom to reveal the notification drawer; from bottom to top to see the daily dashboard; and side to side to see available apps.

Transitions between screen pages are smooth, and stick-figure animations in apps like the Exercise app move with ease. The screen is a solid upgrade from both the Charge 2 and even the Alta HR, the latter of which featured a tappable display. It's more natural to use a mixture of taps and swipes on a touchscreen, so I anticipate new Fitbit users warming up to the Charge 3 more easily than they would an older device.

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  8. I visited the Fitbit app more than I usually do during the first day of wearing the Charge 3 so I could manage notifications. This device is the first tracker to go beyond the basic call, text, and calendar alerts that most Fitbit trackers can receive. The Charge 3 can alert you to any and all happenings on your smartphone if you want. In the notification panel in the Fitbit app, you can choose which apps you want to receive alerts from—turn on all of them so you never miss a beat, or only turn on the apps that are most important to you.

    I go for a middle-of-the-road approach—I enable alerts for most of my installed apps, save for ones that are niche mostly shopping apps that alert me to coupons or ones I don't use regularly. All alerts make the Charge 3 vibrate and show the message on its screen, and all past alerts live in the notification drawer that you can access by swiping down from the top of the Charge 3's display.

    Unfortunately, iOS users won't be able to respond to alerts like messages and emails from the Charge 3. Android users will be able to use quick replies to respond to messages later this fall.

    Fitbit Mobile App REVIEW #2

    Considering how narrow the device's screen is, reading through a long email won't be the most comfortable experience. But at least that message will be glanceable on your wrist, as will news headlines, text messages, and other alerts as well. You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content Enlarge. Buy Now. Buying from this link may support Ars, learn more.

    How do you set up MobileTrack on Galaxy s8 plus? - Fitbit Community

    Valentina Palladino. It's lighter than the Charge 2 as well, but otherwise looks the same. Fitbit's woven bands gray are super light and arguably the most comfortable to wear with the Charge 3—even more than the regular silicone bands lavender. The optical heart rate monitor sits on the underside of the module.

    The new inductive button provides haptic feedback when you press it. It also allows the Charge 3 to be swim-proof. The dashboard shows your activity stats at a glance, including steps, calories burned, and more. All alerts live in the notification drawer, accessible by swiping down from the watch face. App icons are simpler versions of those on Fitbit's smartwatches. Exercise profiles are accompanied by cute stick-figure animations.

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    How do you set up mobile track on galaxy s8 plus? Moderator edit: updated subject for clarity.

    How do I use Fitbit MobileTrack?

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