Exterior telephone cable junction box

Common sense says to reroute the cable indoors through the house but that would mean fiddling with the BT line. Phone cable is pretty simple stuff, you have a pair of cables come in to the BT junction box then go to the BT master socket from which you can take your additional extensions from. Your broadband will thank you, too. What sort of range do DECT cordless phones have?

Moont Towers is a rambling old house with thick stone walls. Our broadband is rubbish. I have the router in the kitchen which is a fair distance from the BT linebox along the dodgy extention. Any improvement would be most welcome. It will give you more pairs than needed, but it is proper external cable. Do the joints inside the building. Try moving the router nearer the line box as well as a test to see if that improves your internet.

In most cases, two copper wires tip and ring for each telephone line run from a home or other small building to a local telephone exchange. There is a central junction box for the building where the wires that go to telephone jacks throughout the building and wires that go to the exchange meet and can be connected in different configurations depending upon the subscribed telephone service.

The wires between the junction box and the exchange are known as the local loop , and the network of wires going to an exchange, the access network. The vast majority of houses in the U. Those wires may be connected back to two telephone overhead lines at the local telephone exchange , thus making those jacks RJ14 jacks. More often, only two of the wires are connected to the exchange as one telephone line, and the others are unconnected.

In that case, the jacks in the house are RJ Older houses often have 4-conductor telephone station cable in the walls color coded with Bell System colors: red, green, yellow, black as 2-pairs of 22 AWG 0. Inside the walls of the house—between the house's outside junction box and the interior wall jacks —the most common telephone cable in new houses is Category 5 cable —4 pairs of 24 AWG 0. Inside large buildings, and in the outdoor cables that run to the telephone company POP , many telephone lines are bundled together in a single cable using the pair color code.

Thanks, Adrian. Removing the alarm-side would allow you, by the process of elimination, to see if this is the source of the problem. However,thismay invalidate your home insurance if this stipulates an alarm with a fixed telephone connection. Is there a set time-interval to the problem? I hav a bt phone socket with two holes, one of top of the other. The top one which is for the phone has the plastic bit stuck in it minus the wire.

Any suggestion how to get it out? Was considering some needle now pliers to try it. Failing hat would I be charged if an engineer had to come out and replace it when connecting a new line or transferring one? Thanks for the question. An Openreach engineer attending your property would charge. I would recommend using an independent engineer.

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Should they all be connected or should we just repair it exactly as we found it? Thanks in advance. Did you ever get this sorted? I want to make a repair that BT would not make a fuss over, and is water proof, can suggest anything more appropriate, or has whats been suggest suffice. Thanks Frank. A few years back the lead gutter on my roof leaked so badly water came down the walls downstairs during a storm. I have had the lead replaced and the roof beams repaired on that side. My BT master only socket is sadly situated by this wall.

It used to be fitted onto the wall but fell off when the plaster crumbled. In the last year or two I have had problems with my broadband. The speed is slow and I get 3 blue lights for a bit then back to flashing orange. BT say the problem is in my house from their online diagnostic. I have mended it a couple of times by replacing the master box or sometimes just replacing the front works. Last time changing the ADHL filter sorted it for a few months till now. All of my ADHL filters give a crackling noise on the phone line, the worse the crackling, the less broadband connection.

My boyfriend took apart they first frontplate we removed off the box and it had water inside. Obviously the damaged gutter allowed water to come in which caused this problem. However why is it still occuring? My boyfriend has tried to connect the new box to a bit of decent wire as there are several burnt bits. There is not much wire to choose from as it disappears under the suspended wooden floor. Is there anyway to solve the problem without having to call someone in to rip up the flooring and cost a small fortune?

Hard to diagnose without seeing it. I have some suspicions and ideas for a fix.

BT66B Telephone Cable Connection Box External Enclosure - BT66 B Grey Outside Joint Box

However, it sounds like time for an independent engineer to call. If you need help, please be in touch. Sorry for the delayed response. I am wondering whether you could recommend a telephone engineer for the South East London area. We are having external works undertaken on a Victorian mansion that has been converted into 4 flats which includes new roof, repointing, rerendering and decoration. We are trying to do everything necessary on one scaffold as the property stands quite high. There are many external wires that are probably now redundant due to different telephone connections in each flat.

We would like to clean up these wires and refix or renew what is necessary plus remove whatever is redundant. We have informal contacts across the UK, including several in your area. The feasibility of the job for an independent engineer can only be assessed bu actually seeing the site! If you need further help, please be in touch. Great article, some really good info here.

Quick question regarding wires, I have an older property with a thin old grey phone line running down the side of and into the house from a junction box near the roof which is connected to the i believe drop wire? Looking in the junction box and what is coming into the house, 2 wires are connected by jellys. Replacing the wire would be pretty simple, but what wire do i need to use? Is it CW? Thanks for your kind words. It is likely that the grey parallel-wire drop wire has a damaged sheath, or has fractured. Be kind to it, though — it is probably over thirty years old!

My preference would be for Dropwire 10, which can be bought by the metre on eBay. However, it is tricky to strip without the right tool. I have blogged about it recently. It is very strong! However, some external-grade with a black weather-proof sheath will suffice. There is some on eBay as item I hope that this helps- please leave me some social media feedback if you can — this helps me to justify giving free advice on this ad-free so far site.

It should be easy to notice an improvement with the service ima, currently getting! Rob after your recommendation I went and got myself some dropwire 10 and have replaced the old wires on the house and ancient extension within the house so there is a continuous run of cable from the new master socket to the connection box near my roof. Final question, as I now ha e real internet speeds again, I have left several metres of dropdown 10 spare coiled up, will this degrade service?

Thanks again for the article — I was losing the will to love trying to get talktalk to acknowledge a problem! The coiled dropwire 10 should not have a noticeable effect on speeds. It is of such robust construction that the twist in the cable vital for speed maintenance is maintained. Yes, TalkTalk are cheap, but dealing with their customer service department is character-forming. Hi Rob, Great forum by the way.

Replacing a dodgy section of exterior telephone cable.

I have been head scratching over this for a few days and looks like you may be the person to advise. Old Victorian House. Master Socket by the front door. One extension EX1 runs round the door frame into a very old and now yellow phone connection point, which then runs from this, up the wall, through the floor and into master bedroom into another socket and old again yellow panic alarm. A second extension Ex2 also runs from the master, all the way out to the back of the house old office space. I want to remove Ex1 and all the old yellow boxes and wires associated with it. I opened the Master socket to look at whats what and was confronted with a nest of wires.

Main BT line in-6 wires. EX1 is what I want to remove. Or will this ruin main connection. NB: we have no phone — only used for broadband. If this is helpful to you, would you be able to leave some feedback on the following social media pages, please? Bit of a random question. In addition he has now had telecare installed so it is more vital that it remains plugged in. Hi Rob, I have moved my master socket upstairs by cutting the phone line shortly after the telegraph pole feed hits the eaves of the gutter area at my house and iv run the cable in through a hole in the wall of the upstairs bedroom, everything is working but I wondered If this would have an affect on my service as the length of cable has changed, I have been suffering from poor download speeds and connection loss under load and wanted to move the router upstairs for better connection to pcs and games consoles, I had a torpedo style JB which was sodden with water ingress I removed this and soldered the connection inside the house with insulation and enclosure.

Many thanks in advance. Hi Rob, I have moved my master socket upstairs by cutting the phone line shortly after the telegraph pole feed hits the eaves of the gutter area at my house and iv run the cable in through a hole in the wall of the upstairs bedroom, everything is working but I wondered If this would have an affect on my service as the length of cable has changed….

If this is fibre to the cabinet, rather than fibre to the premises, you will still be supplied via the same copper pair of wires to your house. He could do basic tests and find out if there is a problem on the exchange side. Hi Rob.. An extension is planned to rear of this wall, so there will be a large hole knocked through where this MS is situated. Quite why it is in that position beats me! It was installed by previous owner. Could I do this myself without recourse to Open Reach?

The two wires—white A and Orange B seem to be pressed into knife contacts—which cut through the insulation.

BT Junction Boxes

Can I remove them and reconnect by pressing into same connectors after repositioning the MS? Have read your answers on many aspects of this situation, but not seen anything to exactly match my situation. Cheers, Bob. A screwdriver will damage the prongs.

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Your cable may be dropwire, which needs special handling to strip properly. See an earlier blog on dropwire. Rob, Hoping you can help me as you definitely seem to know your stuff. There are three phone sockets in the house fed from the BT master socket by wiring that was plugged into the BT master socket by a RJ11 adaptor. It all worked fine with BT.

The broadband supplier has provided a Grandstream voip adapator with an RJ11 socket on the rear and their own RJ11 to BT in-line adaptor. If I plug my RJ11 line directly into the voip nothing works. If I use their in line adaptor and then my own crossover type to change back to RJ11 my phone rings when there is an incoming call but it cannot be answered. Also there is no dial tone.