Wet iphone wont turn on

Fast forward to Sunday morning, and we were anchored in the lake. The kids were all swimming with other parents, and I was alone on the boat.

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As it was a gorgeous morning, I decided to take a nice panorama of the lake and surrounding hills. I stepped onto the back of the boat to take the panorama. As I positioned the phone vertically, the boat rocked a bit from a small wave, and—you guessed it—the phone slipped out of my hands.

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  • 10 Things We Can Do To Save A Water Damaged iPhone.
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  • I watched my iPhone fall, land on the back of the boat, then sickeningly slide off the boat and splash into the water. Try living without a phone for a month, buddy! The water was nice and clear, giving me a great view of the phone. So instead of jumping into a high-speed rescue operation, I decided there was no real rush, and I could just recover the dead phone.

    iPhone Liquid Damage Diagnostics For £20

    Fortunately, no dental records were required to identify the body. I got the phone back on the boat, and promptly hit the power button something you should not do, I later learned. Nothing happened, of course, so I tossed the iPhone aside, saddened by its passing, but knowing I had an iPhone 3G at home that I could use for the next month or so. We swam for another couple hours, then headed back to camp to pack up and head home.

    My iPhone won't turn on after it fell in water

    Overall, it was a good six hours after the incident before I got home with the wet, useless iPhone. Come Monday morning, I pulled the iPhone out after only 18 hours in the rice. And, no surprise, it was still deader than dead. I used the iFixit iPhone 5 battery replacement guide , which was clear and easy to follow. This worked great, and the removable tape meant there was no residue when done.

    Taking apart an iPhone does involve a lot of really tiny pieces, and it's even harder to put it back together.

    Once inside the iPhone, I followed the instructions and completely removed the battery. Anywhere I could see an opening, I hit it with the compressed air. Reassembly, as it turns out, is much harder than disassembly. All of the photos that were on my iPhone 5 were intact, including this shot of sunrise from the dock.

    It took a while, but the boot completed, and iPhoto launched and asked if I wanted to import my photos and videos. Sure enough, they all transferred, the videos played, and the photos were fine—the image above was taken at dawn on Saturday, the day before the incident. As I played with the phone, it became apparent it was almost fully functional.

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    The touchscreen seemed to work, the speaker worked that really surprised me , the headphone jack seemed okay even more surprised , and all the buttons were functional. That would certainly make using the phone tougher. In this case, let your device cool off, connect it to a wall charger, and wait for a while before trying to turn it on. When you let your device charge, the charging screen should appear after a while.

    Before connecting your device to your computer, and launching iTunes, make sure that you have the latest version of the iTunes software installed. When iTunes is not up to date, various error messages may show up. Connect your iOS device to your computer, and launch iTunes. This will wipe the phone. If the screen is off but you hear sounds, notifications, vibration, etc. Follow these steps:.

    Sometimes, the update can last for too long and your device may exit the Recovery mode. If that happens, perform a force restart and choose Update again. This will erase all content and settings. Smartphones are generally fragile, which is why various issues including this one can occur when they hit the ground.

    There is a trick you can try that worked for the owners of different iPhone models, including iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. Push the Home button and the lock button at the same time. If nothing happens, connect your device to your computer to see if the iTunes recognizes it.

    How To Save a Wet iPhone or iPod

    If it does, backup your files and restore. If iTunes does not recognize it, put your device into Recovery mode explained above , and try to Update or Restore. There might be a hardware issue. Contact Apple or visit one of their stores. You need to dry out the phone. It is advisable to take a clean cloth or a towel and remove the water.


    Let your iPhone dry completely. Keep in mind the rice grains can get into the phone. The other flaw of rice is the corrosion. After that, try to turn your phone back on.

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