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Everything else happens in the constructor of the MainPage class. In the s, American puzzle-make Sam Loyd popularized a puzzle that was invented a couple decades earlier and has since come to be known as the 15 Puzzle, or the Puzzle, or in France Jeu de Taquin , the "teasing game. The goal is to shift the tiles around so the numbers are sequential. The version I'm going to show you does not use numbered tiles.

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Instead it lets you access a photo from the phone's picture library and chops that up into tiles. The game becomes rather more difficult as a result. As a bonus, the program shows you how to save images when an application is tombstoned. The MainPage class in the code-behind file begins with some constants. The program is set up for 4 tiles horizontally and vertically but you can change those.

Other fields involve storing state information in the PhoneApplicationService object for tombstoning, and using the PhotoChooserTask for picking a photo.


The randomizing logic piggy-backs on this manipulation logic. When the "scramble" button is clicked, the program attaches a handler for the CompositionTarget. The event handler calls MoveTile twice, once to move a tile from the same row as the empty square, and secondly to move a tile from the same column as the empty square. This program also handles tombstoning, which means that it saves the entire game state when the user navigates away from the page, and restores that game state when the game is re-activated.

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When the program returns from its tombstoned state, the process goes in reverse:. The method reads the byte buffer and converts into a MemoryStream , from which a BitmapImage and then a WriteableBitmap is created. The method then uses the earlier GenerateTileImage method to create each Image element and add it to the Grid. No unread comment.

No unread message. No unread notification. On a feature-wise specter, Gravit falls precisely between Inkscape and Vectr. It has more features than the latter while staying as intuitive as the former. And, like all the apps mentioned in this article, it comes with no price attached. Talk about balance. The app allows you to do everything you would expect from a vector software program: Create curves, edit paths, manage layers and use the knife function. In addition, you can work on your projects across different platforms; Gravit Cloud allows seamless transition of files between desktop and online versions.

A portable version is also available. Among the other handy things that Gravit features, there are vector assets that are available within the app.

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Gravit Youtube Channel. Tutorials: Youtube Playlist.

Top 10 Best Free Graphics Design Software (2019)

The feature set is standard: Create shapes, draw with a pencil, convert lines to paths, colorize and add images. The tool also allows you to quickly export results as HTML-code. Even though SVG-edit lacks features in comparison to apps mentioned earlier in this article, it still can be useful in some cases — especially for web developers. Freely available Github repository allows modifying the source code to your needs.

Another plus would be that the tool is constantly being updated. Not a vector drawing software itself, but RollApp allows you to run some popular desktop apps online, in your browser. One, in particular, is Inkscape. So if Inkscape being only desktop was the only thing stopping you from using it, RollApp will seal the deal. However, if you consider using FatPaint for commercial purposes, developers kindly ask to support them with a Pro subscription.

Scalable Vector Graphics

A free web vector editor to create vector images. The Inkscape allows its users to draw freely with its amazing and flexible drawing tools. It also provides one of the powerful text tools and has a wide range of file format compatibility. Additionally, Inkscape can also be used to edit raster images.

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This is undoubtedly one of the best free graphics editor tools for your desktop. Vectr is a powerful vector graphics software for creating exclusive graphic designs. Users can create vector graphics easily with the help of its intuitive tools. Vectr is used to make crisp and clear presentations, cards, websites, logos, and others.

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It is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows. RollApp is an online version of Inkscape. This is one of the excellent online editing tools for professionals as well as everyday user provided that you have strong and reliable internet connectivity.

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Fatpaint is an online graphic design software used for creating some amazing logos, presentations, banners, cards, websites, etc.