Call forwarding iphone 5 doesnt work

Internet Productivity. Call forwarding is a way of directing calls to another number. You can also have calls sent to another phone in cases where your normal device is having problems.

iPhone Call Forwarding Setup

Activating the feature involves just a few simple steps. Similarly, solving problems with call forwarding is also fairly straightforward. Setting up call forwarding on iPhone is a cinch. You simply have to go to Settings and make a few adjustment, as described below:. Your iPhone will now forward calls to the number you entered.

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You should make your choice of number based on why you want to use call forwarding. You should consider doing this if your iPhone is having reception or signal issues. This will enable you to still take important calls. When you want to deactivate call forwarding on your iPhone, just go back into this menu and tap the Call Forwarding toggle switch again.

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To do this, first open the Phone app. From there:. You can deactivate call forwarding on Android by going through almost exactly the same process. As it turns out, you have one other way of forwarding calls on either Android or iPhone. Regardless of your carrier, you should hear some kind of confirmation message or sound after completing the steps above. The vast majority of mobile operators in Europe and other regions of the world do offer call forwarding. I didn't apply it to the second phone and confirmed call forwarding still worked before the update. I then allowed the carrier settings to be applied to the second phone and now it cannot perform call forwarding either.

One possible Bly idea is that the new carrier settings don't allow the phone to go from 4G to 3G to apply the network update as it just stays on 4G the whole time. Prior to the update I would always see it go to 3G to perform the call forwarding update and then switch back to 4G.

This could be unrelated as I was in a 3G only area today and I was still unable to perform call forwarding. Solved: Go to Solution.

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Thank you for your response. I tried replying yesterday afternoon and last night but received Apache web server issues indicating the Yes Crowd website wasn't working properly. Regards to call forwarding, I've tried using two methods which always worked prior to the update:.

I believe both are call forwarding without the mobile ringing and therefore using code 21 to achieve this see here.

I've tried resetting the phone plus a hard reset as well. Also, as mentioned before, the problem appears to be with the carrier settings and not the iOS update as I was able to test this on the during the second phone being updated in stages. I also found I can disable 4G in the phone i. I have now found if I disable 4G and then restart the phone as 3G only, call diversion is working most of the time. Sometimes I have to do it more than once but it does start working again.

This is significantly quicker and easier than doing it via the website. Found another user who sounds as though they're experiencing the same issue I am see here. Also now discovered that call diversion won't work with WiFi enabled. However, with both 4G and WiFi disabled, I can get call diversion working most of the time. Ash-'s thread on this mentions it could be linked to the rollout of VoLTE which sounds plausible as this was made available under iOS Ash-'s thread also mentions the following: "This is a known issue and Optus engineering has apparently already advised Apple.

Fingers-crossed, this is just teething problems with introducing a new capability and the 'old' call diversion capability is better supported in later carrier setting releases. Via more testing and a second user one Amaysim which wholesale's Optus and one with Optus directly I have confirmed the following will work everytime:.

Example screenshots attached.

Setting up call forwarding

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  • There's been a few instances where I have had to run it twice but it does end up working. If you haven't been asked to install the new carrier settings yet, connect your iPhone with iTunes and it should then ask if you want them installed. What to do, im on a iphone 6s Hi Croupier Have you tried connecting the iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed as this might force a refresh of the carrier settings. Unsure if you performed the iOS update via Wireless or not.

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    Furthermore, can you confirm you've tried the following steps re-pasted from steps above which also includes screenshots : 1. Disable WiFi e. Attempt call diversion codes or use the standard Call Forwarding functionality of the phone at least 4 times. The first few times will return an error but on about the forth time it will succeed. I divert all calls with code 21, other code options in link provided in previous posted version of these steps. I believe you're experiencing the same issues I had and the phone needs to be on 3G before it can update the network settings.

    If all the above fails, one of these two final suggestions should definitely work. Use the My Optus app via the iPhone to setup call forwarding see instructions here. There will be some channels leaving the Fetch service soon.

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    Click here to find out what they are. Read the full story. Yes Crowd : Forum : Mobile : Mobile. Topic Listing Previous Next. Call forwarding no longer working after carrier settings Posted by mcgel Occasional Contributor 4th May , pm. Member since 4th May with 7 Posts Message 1 of 10 15, Views.