Iphone 4 power button not working well

I completely took it apart again. Removed the display assembly but not separating this , mother board and sync connector. Cleaning everything by blowing clean, compressed air from a aerosol can in every nook and cranny and trying to get air in between the mother board and the RF sheilding from all directions, blowing everywhere on the back case and on and around the buttons that where still in the case and on all connectors both on the mother board and on the flex cables.

Turn it back on and loo and behold! Everything works like a charm!! I can turn it on and off, I can enter DFU mode and it doesn't reboot as soon as I unplug the sync cable!! Dang, I'm a happy camper now!! Deepti Ghadiyaram. For a hard reboot, keep pressing the power button and the menu button the big round one for several seconds! However you must test it for open or faulty with DVOM and replace.

You must try to clean the contacts with c. Prashant Sharma. My iPhone model is a 3G, about 5. I've overcome many issues with it, but it reached the point where I could not turn it off. Being a "limo driver", this really was not an issue because I never turned it "off" because I am always available to my customers. Then I used a can of compressed air to blow into the button Thanks to all for your suggestions.

Hope this adds something to the discovery process!! Robert Clements. A M andrewmm. Gabriel Constantin gabrieltheone. I tryed to install new iOS,but nothing. Someone can help in that situation?

Tiny problems – How to fix an iPhone 4 power button click-issue

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Part 1: Use AssistiveTouch as Power Button alternative

Warranty up? Chosen Solution. Mark Rep: 3 1 1. Give it a try; worked for me. Was this answer helpful? Score The squeezing trick worked for mine- thanks Mark!!! Wow, had some problem and this worked for me! Still don't get it lol. You are genius. Tried your tip blowing on the power button and it works perfectly now.

Not a silly answer,blew into the switch and was able to turn it off,thanks.

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Thanks Rob for the silly advice : Lisa. OMG That is the only thing that worked I can't believe it!!!!! Rhiana Rep: 85 1 1. Score 7. This worked! Thank you. I cannot find the lock screen button? Where is it please? Thanks so much. Neither pressing or blowing worked but this did. Turbo Fredriksson Rep: 4 2.

Is the iPhone Home Button Not Working? Here's How To Fix It

Score 1. I'll try Marks idea as soon as I'm sure that the battery is fully charged.

And if I unplugg it, it will start a reboot cycle as soon as it goes into sleep mode. Jonathan McClain Rep: 13 1.

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David F Rep: 2. So the effect is the same as here, as if there is no actuator helper, as a further recess is created. It worked like a charm! Great tutorial! Upon disassembly, I found all the pieces of the original contact separated with the yellow tape torn. I reread your instructions multiple times as it was hard to digest that I had to separate the new contact into sections, but I finally grabbed an X-Acto knife and worked the contacts with tape loose from the tiny circuit board.

All went well and this microsurgery worked perfectly! The button operates and feels as new! It took about an hour due to my disbelief, but if I had to do it again, it might only require 30 — 40 minutes. Anyway the button feel would have been worse with elastic material. I ended up soldering some solder tin onto the metal button. Hello, the ribbon from the power button flex cable is ripped. Could I fix it with adhesive tape wrapped around?

Thank you! The traces on the cable are probably ripped as well… A new power button is a few dollars on eBay though! Hi there. All works well. I guess any glue which dries hard and non-tacky, and is not electrically conductive will work. Pingback: Why your Nexus 5 is stuck in boot loop Gregor van Egdom. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Get some coffee. Follow the great iFixit tutorial for replacing the powerbutton itself up to the last page. Be very careful. There are many things that can go wrong, as the iPhone is made up of a lot of very delicate springs, bushes and screws. Use a magnetic screw mat. Use a scalpel or other knife to separate the yellow kapton tape from the original button.

Be very careful not to lose any of the disc-springs inside. Also make sure no dust gets inside.