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Have you ever thought to make iPhone text tones for free instead of purchasing from the iTunes Store? Have you ever thought to customize iPhone text tones from songs or movies instead of iPhone ringtones? The following article aims to provide the applied solution for the above questions. It will introduce a powerful iPhone text tone maker and a step by step guide on how to make free iPhone text tones from various audio and video. Then iPhone fans can easily distinguish their important texts from others with these default custom text tones without looking at their screen.

It can easily create iPhone text tones from various music, music video, and game play as well as enable to make text message or alerts with length seconds or longer than 5 seconds. Click "Browse Set favorite audio clip as text message tone by drag and release on slider. Or by type in the start time in the "Start Time" text box and the end time in the "End Time" text box.

Tips: You can either set text alerts with length seconds or longer than 5 seconds; you can even set your text tone as long as 30 seconds, but the tone will not stop and will play the full 30 seconds until you open your Messages app to reply to the message. Notifications comes to iWatch, but iPhone doesn't even produce sound or vibrate - nothing. Otherwise, toggle the switch off and then on again.

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Make sure that you turn Allow Notifications and Sounds on. This steps also works in how to change push notification sound iPhone or change notification sound iPhone 6. You probably missed a lot of important calls and unable to answer to many messages. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to disable this feature… How to turn off double message alerts on iPhone. Apple launched its latest flagship, the iPhone X, in September You can use a similar trick with specific contacts calling ringtone too.

How to change your Calendar alerts tone on iPhone and iPad. Then go to the bottom of the screen and change the 3. Not hearing your notifications is really maddening. Launch the Settings app. Tap Calendar Alerts. Notifications Settings. Apple iPhone X Audio Guide: How to manage sound settings and notifications on your iPhone X [Tutorials] by Harjie Hisona on July 8, This comprehensive guide is specifically intended for iOS newbies who need help setting up and managing alerts, ringtones, and notifications sounds on the new Apple iPhone X device.

Click the Ringtones icon. Move the switch towards the right side to enable Ring Mode. Next, find the file you want to use as the tone for that app. Banners — lets you choose how you want notifications to show when your iPhone is locked. Sounds: Have an app play a sound to alert you when you receive a notification.

Select the sound you want to change. Tap the notification type you want to change. Your iPhone can alert you to new messages with an audio alert, an on-screen alert, neither, or both. Tap the sound you want. A simple trick to clear such glitches is done by flipping the hardware mute switch off and on again. The iPhone has the ability to play custom text message and iMessage alert sound effects, these custom text tones apply to all incoming messages.

Add an extra tap. Tap the None option under Alert Tones. Step 1: Tap on the Settings icon from the Home screen. Some of them are working and majority are not. If this happened to you, below are some solutions that can fix notification sound issue. Set the position and locations of message notifications. Tap Sounds. In this case, the notifications are still enabled, but fortunately no sound has been set.

Want to make sure you hear every notification that comes in? Make sure you've got sound alerts enabled. If there is still no alert sound, try a hard reset.

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Depending on the app, you can dismiss the alert or reply to it. Scroll to the "Ringer and Alerts" section, which covers the ringer and message alert sounds. How to fix sound notification problems. Notification alerts are silenced when your iPhone is muted but this may not always be the case especially when software glitches strike. To me, this was incredibly annoying. If you are not currently playing any media or in an app that actively makes sound, when you adjust the volume buttons on the side of your phone, you'll notice it adjusts ringer volume.

Tapping this button will open up the iTunes store where you can purchase new ringtones. Check the volume on the ringer,. Even in settings notifications are enabled and configured. The reason for this is because Apple sets notifications and alerts to repeat once by default on iOS devices. Sounds controls whether your iPhone makes noise when you have a notification from this app. Steps to change the notification sound for texts on your Apple iPhone 6. Don't want certain apps to audibly notify you anymore? Here's how to turn off notification sounds aside from just toggling your mute switch : Launch the Settings app on your iPhone The other method will bring you to a menu where you can configure additional settings for the sounds that play on your device.

And I think he was asking how to change the notification sound of other non-apple app, since you can change the sound of text message, mail and calendar in iOS 4. Please try again later. General Help Center experience. If iOS 12 text notifications not working, perhaps there is no sound set for the notifications.


There are a ton of ringtones to choose from here, from dialogue, music and sound effects. Check the Notifications Settings. Open the Settings app. Swipe down to look at the notification list, and again, nothing. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to get to Control Center. Put on your Apple Watch and unlock it.

You might switched on Do Not Disturb the moon symbol from drag up control center. Myinstants is where you discover and create instant sound buttons. Bamboo anyone? It is not surprising anymore if you cannot change your notification sound. Dec 28, AM. Dec 28, PM. So my reply was to the OP, not you specifically William K. Sorry about that! Hit reply on the wrong spot!

Dec 31, AM in response to jameson. Dec 31, AM.

However if you want to throw your iPhone in the trash because every so often a message notification tone is delivered in a choppy fashion, that's your call; I hear it happen around once every five or six weeks. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question.

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User profile for user: Kriptik23 Kriptik More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. View answer in context. Thanks [Edited by Host]. Loading page content. User profile for user: jameson. I understand that occasionally you're hearing sound distortion when receiving a message notification on your iPhone. I know it's important for the speaker on your iPhone to work as expected; I'd like to help. Take some time to test and see if the issue occurs when you're using a different tone.

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If you don't hear any sound, your speaker might need service. Contact Apple Support. If you do hear sound, use the steps below and check the sound after each step. Check sound with an app Open an app that has music or sound effects, then adjust the volume with your volume buttons or the slider in Control Center. Plug headphones into your device If you can hear sound through the headphones but not through your device's speakers, unplug the headphones and clear dust or debris from the headset port on your device.

Restart your device Turn off your device, then turn it back on. User profile for user: carlyfrommooroolbark carlyfrommooroolbark.